Sunday, April 17, 2011

Story Quilt Fun for Asilomar Friends-a GREAT year for all of us

This is the beginning of Sandy's house story quilt-it is sure to be wonderful! She always does great story quilts and fun designs.

Asilomar conference grounds is where we have all of this
Hey! I found my camera and now get to share the photos from Asilomar. Eilene Hamilton and Susan Typpi are shown above having fun in class. We had so many nice gals this time and everyone was into being positive and becoming great friends for the future.
James Garner was the mascott and the sewing doll from tasuti zoo kept him company (she belonged to Lorraine)

Peggy is a widow and is doing a lovely tribute quilt about her husband. The border is jewel tones and smaller blocks and it is wonderful. I wish I had a better photo.

Sandy started a house quilt as she was inspired by Plaidville (I think)

Janice who has real style (really) wore a different pair of slippers every single day! She is working on the funniest story quilt ever (Darling). It is a man and woman dancing and the man's dog is holding onto him like he is dancing also-it is going to be a great quilt!

Sandy took apart a cat she did before and added all of the patchwork to it-I think it is wonderful and made a huge difference-Sandy teaches quilting in San Diego

Telling the story in another language

Eilene takes many photos of the beauty of the ocean at too

These are two sisters who both ended up with the flu and missed out on over half of the class-BUMMER-but their blocks look good and Judy got her octopus drawn and ready

Asilomar Beauties!

This is someone's stash who has great taste!

This darling story is about Sue's daughter who wanted cake for breakfast and her Mother said "cake is not for breakfast" to which her daughter replied "you give me donuts for breakfast so what't the difference?" Awesome details! Note the difference in the hair below as Sue changed different details-this is a great thing to be able to change -this is why we are process quilters and not product quilters

Below is a story quilt begun by Susan and isn't the background lovely? Her Cat "Margaret Thatcher" is the star of this quilt. Susan has done many wonderful quilts.

Below are Suzanne's blocks for a family tree quilt. LOVE the orange!

This is the beginning of a quilt about De's husband and son-it is going to be great!

This adorable quilt is a story about Donna's four daughters who used to sit on a sleeping bag at the top of the stairs and go down as a group-Donna's legs are at the top of the stairs-this is so adorable!

Below is an adorable quilt that Laurie is doing for her Granddaughter- talk about story quilts! Wouldn't you love to have a quilt that your Grandmother made for you?

Here is Lorraine who has great color sense and created alot of tiara envy when she brought the tiara to Asilomar that she got at my retreat last August-she looks very royal doesn't she?

Darlin' Dee who is a lovely inside as she is outside

Aija works on her project-she came from Spokane just like I did :0)

Pam shows off her wonky flying geese with pretty outside colors

Darling Donna below with her hoochy book in hand as she begins a new story quilt-isn't her stash pretty?

Hoochy Geese by Pam for a part of the border in a garden quilt about a stove Pam and her husband built-they cook awesome meals for guests

Mel's hoochy blocks getting ready for her Christmas story-what would your story be?

Pam shows off her darling kitty quilt-great colors and design.

If you want to take a story quilt class and want to come to Mary Lou's back yard sign up for the retreat this summer for fun


WoolenSails said...

I am glad you found your camera and were able to show us all of the wonderful pieces, everyone was working on. When I make art pieces, it is a process, I never have a set plan, I add and change as I go.


Donna Avila said...

Thank you Mary Lou for the reminder of what a wonderful group of women were at Asilomar. I think the sisters gave me their flu. I am only just recovering now! I had the best time and met the best people. If you haven't been to a Mary Lou class, then you are missing out on a terrific and fun experience. I think everyone should try a class.

Donna Avila said...

Thank you Mary Lou for the reminder of what a wonderful class we had at Asilomar. It was pure pleasure to be with such a fine group of people. If you haven't taken a Mary Lou class, I highly recommend it. It matters not what style of quilter you are. This class is not only fun but so freeing too!

Mary Lou Weidman said...

Donna, Laurie got the flu and Eilene was sick also-plus I think maybe someone else was ill-but thankfully I think everyone is well again and ready to keep working on their story quilts-Thank you for the sweet comment-I love Ya!

Maree in NC :-) said...

Love seeing the fun quilts and joyful ladies! :~D

Being in one of your story quilt classes is definitely on my bucket list! :~D

HUGE hugs! :~D

Vicky F said...

Hi Mary Lou,
(how come every time I write your name I want to say "Mary Lou Who"?)
Anyway, looks like you had a great class.
One of these years I would like to attend a story class just for fun (plus I want a tiara and won't be entering a beauty contest anytime soon)!
You are the Color Queen!
Vicky F