Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Color at the Cupcakes 12th retreat on Whidbey Island plus a LINK FOR THOSE DIET PLATES

I thought you might like to see some of the photos I took of the cupcake girls at Whidbey Island. We rented a huge mansion (no kidding) and sewed up a storm. I got new ideas for fabric if I ever do another line (we'll see if there are any takers).
The quilt you see in this blog belongs to Eilene who did a baby quilt for her neice. Darling. I ended this with three of my cow quilts from the "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks" book. I am hooked! You also see the pretty views, the food and the drink that Susan made for us. It was a "bluetini". Mel started some blue/purple strata after drinking this and it became an alphabet! I know the drink had blueberry vodka, lime juice, blueberries and maybe some Sprite.....I am not a drink maker and rarely drink anything other than wine now and again. This drink was fabulous and you didn't know there was any liquor in it....just how I like it. Mount Baker is a beautiful Mountain and you can see what a lovely view we had. :0) We all got alot done and each of us made something for a meal and we did some shopping and some visiting like we always do and now we are looking for our venue for next year. Fun! Did you notice the darling close up's of Liz's canning quilt? Wonderful story quilt!
My blog will not let me see the photos to comment on so you have to guess what is what. This makes this posting kind of like a game. Next year will be our 13th year.

And for those of you who have asked if I ever teach at Sister's, I don't because they will not ask me. Long ago I taught there a couple of times. It isn't that I have anything against that area of Oregon as was suggested, silly. Who doesn't love it there? Teachers go where they are asked, they don't choose...though we all wish we could. :0) Now you know.


The photo above was taken before we added the good stuff....I was too excited to eat when it was time to take the last photo........sorry- Note-YOU need a much bigger bowl than this-we switched bowls three times and we ate this for three days-it kept well with wrap over it at night!
I love making salads in the summertime and this salad was a good one.
One nice bunch spinich
some crisp romaine
2 cobs of fresh corn cut off the cob
1 cup frozen peas that have been thawed
celery for crunch
one can garbonzo beans
one can dark kidney beans
a nice addition of some leaves of fresh basil cut finely
2 ripe pears cubed
dry cranberries
slivered almonds (a small package)
Optional: I had a bowl of gargonzola cheese to add if you wanted and I cooked three beets until done (cooled them) and cubed them in a bowl alone and added some salt and some balsamic to them. We added them to the salad and didn't need dressing although you may want to add your choice of some kind of dressing.
This salad with some good frech bread was lovely for dinner.
NOTE- my daughter in law added some tuna to her salad for more protein. I think the beans and vegies are enough.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Autumn Story Quilt Workshop with Mary Lou on Madeline Island!

Here is a lovely view of Madeline from Bayfield. Read along and look of the photos of the possibilities of a lovely week on Madeline Island with all things Autumn...wonderful...just the idea of the colors and the imagination of our inner artists working on a story quilt! Just like an autumn story piece to last generations and all from our viewpoints and inner artists invention. Such fun!
This workshop is the perfect location for you girls who keep asking me to teach story quilts somewhere other than the west coast. AND if you do live on the west coast, come and adventure somewhere else! This is sure to bring smiles to us all. I expect Madeline School of the Arts to be THE new school everyone will want to go to and you can say "oh, I was there in the beginning of the popularity!"

Here is a nice view of the ferry to Lapointe. Imagine this lovely ride in October- ahhh, just imagine the lovely air and the colors of fall working their way to your heart and mind

Contact Kate at MISA@cheqnet.net

Soon I will be doing a story quilt class that will be sure to be wonderful and different in many ways. First of all it is on Madeline Island (Wisconsin) which I understand from friends who have been there, that it is pristine and lovely. The school itself is built on an old farm and it is an idealic setting. The happy part for me is that it is the beginning of october and I LOVE Autumn and all of the things that make it special. Color, memories of leaves, pumpkins, Jack Frost, black cats, witches, ghosts and the many costumes that kids wear as they go out for candy to fill their bags....remember? I do. Bobbing for apples and caramel apples and I remember taffy pulls at girlfriends houses. Scarecrows...so many ideas for those! Thanksgiving ideas and pilrims, turkeys walking around, Indian corn with it's beautiful colors (so cool to piece this-I will show you), corn husks, pumpkins, gourds and squash and all of the beautiful leaves again and the colors...the wonderful colors. These story quilts tell about YOU and what you love about Fall or anytime of the year. I will be bringing some ideas for piecing and embellishments and how to start a great scarecrow (more ideas) and piecing pumpkins and houses and the fun that a little fabric and other bits can bring for a sensational story quilt.
Remember the idea of this is that in 80 years people will know something about YOU and how you celebrate this time of year or simple celebrate in a daily way by building a quilt that is a one of a kind piece.
Come and meet other quilters and see what I have that is a new idea (I always have lots). Some of these ideas I have never shown and you will love how fun and easy they are. It is always fun to get to know other quilters and the way I teach these longer workshops, you will make new friends and they will know you and you them as we share the many things that will make this a memory of a wonderful time in a wonderful time of year! Please come and join us on Madeline Island.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Galveston Story Quilts a HIT with those lucky enough to see them!

So I just wanted to make sure that if you live anywhere close to Galveston, that you go by and see the story quilts of Peggy Baldwin and many other story quilters. It will not hang much longer and is the perfect thing to encourage you to tell the world about YOU.
Remember, someday when all of the quilts of the world are sitting there, that the story quilts will tell something special about the person who made them-who they love, something funny, something clever, something dear, something that only that person could tell...."remember me when this you see" and these story quilters will be remembered and the people who are the subject of the story will be remembered as well.
What would you like to tell the world about YOU? Perhaps you would like to take a story quilt class and begin your story quilt journey. My schedule is on my website at www.Marylouweidman.com
and also along the side column of this blog. Hope to meet you and hear your story one day soon.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pretending I am MRS. Gothrocks at Eagle Nest Lodge....pretty nice week for the cupcakes

Above is Susan and her friend Liz who came to visit for a little while. Liz did a story quilt about canning and putting up vegetables. It is embellished to the hilt and is alot of fun. Maybe you cook and can and bake...how about a story quilt about YOU to leave as a legacy for other to see who you are and what you love to do? Story quilts live on as a diary piece of the women who make them. Hope you plan one...you won;t be sorry.
And above here is more of the story of this week in my life....
Here I am in Whidbey Island...beautiful and peaceful and fun to sew and laugh and adventure out. As you can see the home we rented is wonderful and large and fun to sew in. The boats drive by and look up at us and we wave...I pretend like I own the place and am too important to clean, mow, weed, etc.etc. I am making lists of the things I need to do when I get home however. Then I am a "little person" again as Leaona Helmsly called us. Haha.