Saturday, April 16, 2011

LOPEZ Girls have Flower Power fun for two full days and many smiles and chuckles later

Above is laurie Latta's original and FUN lady bug-these quilts are awesome and the sky is the limit! Flower Power is alot of fun!
Every butterfly is different and fun and a whole quilt of butterflies is quite something!

We met in the Port Stanley school on Lopez Island. It was refurbished and was alot of fun to teach in. The bathrooms are outhouses outdoors (fancy ones) and the place is a wonderful visit to history and how kids learned in a different environment than now.

Below is Laurie of Lopez who is a teacher (retired) in real life and very sharp, witty and fun. She helped me by demo'ing all of the blocks and she didn't get to work on her own project but she did it willingly and happily because that is how she is.

Below is a photo of Laurie Latta's bird and flower. She was a slave in the class and she sewed samples and helped-she is my good friend who is a "cupcake" and all of those friends have to pay a price to be my friend. :0)

Barbara realized soon how creative this method is and she ran with it-who wouldn't smile with this fun bird in their garden?

Here is a garden worm that had us all smiling

Below is Ann who has the only quilt shop on Lopez-she is very creative isn't she? Nice gal too.

Nancy let me take a photo of her glasses which made me smile- I would have WM (Walmart) or KM (K-Mart) or TG (Target-Haha). Maybe GoodWill should brand their own glasses-
In truth the letters had bling on them and so you know I was envious. :0)

Below is Nancy who has the best outlook on life ever and she was so much fun. It is always fun seeing how ones flower garden progresses and she had a nice smile each time a new flower joined the bunch.

Backgrounds vary but the flowers are always pretty and Fun! I am working on new flowers and things to add on to these-great fun for me also. If you book me for a workshop, remember that day two is when everyone goes "AHA! and runs with the technique so we can get the harder flowers going. Not that they are ever hard, it is just "Out of the Box" thinking

Below is Annie who makes amazing glass jewelry, garden art and loads of other things with her husband Jimmy for the Saturday Market-if you go to Lopez, you must see her booth on Saturday's-so much fun in the summer there! But Annie just got a quilting machine so one wonders if she will have time for glass-know what I mean?

I am sorry to the girls I got from the behind's but I wanted to show the girl sewing and they helped block some of the light that wouldn't let me get a photo earlier. Lopez is a pristine, beautiful and creative place with Wonderful, creative and inventive quilters!


Patty ♣ said...

All are Wonderful blocks!! I especially like the worm!

WoolenSails said...

I like how the fabrics were cut for the bird shapes, great idea for tail feathers.


dollie said...

Love to look at the latest Flower Power Creations. Like a blast of color!

Maree in NC :-) said...

Those Flower Power blocks are awesome! And, the cute little worm really did make me smile! :~D

Nedra said...

What a wonderful retreat with accomplished students. Their blocks turned out so fun and whimsical.

Donna Avila said...

Joy! Joy! Joy! I can hardly wait to come back again. Such creativity! Hello to Laurie too!

Mary said...

That sure looks like it was a fun retreat. I sure wish you could come to Missouri!