Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A New Story Quilter Makes Her Move!

So my friend Susan Typpi the flight attendant for Alaska airlines is a wonderful story quilter. She took her friend Liz to my story quilt show and Liz was hooked. So they went back to Susan's home and they have been working on a background for Liz's story. I was especially excited to see my old cherry fabric on yellow in the border. :0) I loved that fabric. Now she is ready to cut you her story and place it on her quilt canvas (she set a nice color palette). Don't you love the fish on this? Terry Mangat's fabric is always a favorite of mine. Susan you are a great teacher. I am worried....when you retire, I may lose my job.

Got this letter from Susan today and thought you would enjoy it as I did.
Dear Girlfriend,
I thought you would get a kick out of this. I think Mark will appreciate it too.
Real story at the Typpi house :
Yesterday, Liz and I decided to go to the Island Quilter quilt store on Vashon. She needed some fabric for her story and that store is always a fun field trip. We decided to ask the hubby to come along since we have been pretty much cloistered downstairs since Sunday and he has been ignored. He was his usual patient self in the store and then we went to lunch at the Hardware Store restaurant as a reward for his good behavior while we were shopping.
Last night, he started hollering in his sleep. I shook him and sort of woke him up but he went right back to sleep. This morning. I asked him what he was dreaming about and , in his usual quick witted way, he said, "I was dreaming I was in that quilt store and they shut and locked the door and I couldn't get out". Quilter's husband torture for sure!

West Virginia story quilt class is coming up soon and it is in a beautiful location! Many teachers (friends) have written they are jealous because of the place it will be in. If you are interested in coming the beginning of May for your own story quilt, please contact Glorid-greg@hotmail.com and ask her the details. We will be having great fun and the girls I know who are attending are super!

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WoolenSails said...

Fun fabrics, it will be interesting to see what story she adds to it.