Monday, April 04, 2011

Loads of variety in Mary Lou's Story quilt Class at Asilomar=Wish you were there!

The quilt above was made for Laurie's Granddaughter- can you imagine how lovely it would be to have a quilt like that from your Grandmother? So much fun. We have two alphabet's in my new book with Mel that is coming out in July. They are a little more formal and not real blocky. I love being able to say things in my quilts and if you follow me you will see I have done this for years.
This adorable quilt below was started last year and is about Donna's four girls and how they used to get on a sleeping bag and go down the stairs together while giggling and screaming. Isn't this darling? What a cute memory-you can see her legs at the top of the quilt along with the family dog.

If you love cats (or not) you are sure to love this quilt! It is beautiful in person.

If you read on below, I have told the story about this quilt and the little girl who wanted cake for breakfast. Click on this photo to look at the details! Awesome job.

De's quilt which has her husband and is going to be quite wonderful as she has words of the story to put on it and it is a great story to tell.

If you would like to take a story qult class, I am doing one in West Virginia in a couple of weeks in a fabulous location (see my website for a contact person under "schedule" and I am doing one in the apostle Islands (Wisconsin on Lake Superior- Gorgeous place and in the Fall- my most creative time! See my website please
This quilt is about parents and parents in law and the quilter has leaves with everyone name on them and fabulou paisley fabric leaves to work in also. It is going to be a wonderful keepsake once she is done. Lucky family.

The colors in this quilt are just stunning in person. She is doing a story about her trip to Peru and she used the panel in the middle for inspiration-only the story she has drawn out will go into the middle of this quilt. It is going to be wonderful.

Check out the great bird with the flying top comb! Super border beginning-such fun!

COOL border and now for the great story!

This quilter came "out of the box" and was delightful and fun and did this quilt about her husband sharing a lovely evening with her. She was a real plus for the class as were the rest of the group for their lovely and vaired personalities.

Caution, some serious quilters below.
The lady who is doing this quilt is a widow and she is doing a quilt to remember her wonderful husband by. I wish you could see how pretty it is in person.

I had 22 lovely students in this large classroom and we all got along great. No whining and no one complaining about someone taking their space. What a lovely week for me and a super productive week for the other students. There are some girls missing in these photos. I am praying my camera will show up and I can show them to you also!

This class was especially fun for me because I not only had old friends come back but I had a couple of girls who I have met here and they have been in my chatroom for many years. It is such a nice thing for me to meet the people behind the name!

De who is looking down had always fused in prior years. This year she did a great story of her husband on the sofa (darling sofa) and her son behind him and photos of the family on the walls! It was wonderful but I have no photo. The girl on the right is my co-author in the book that comes out July 11th. She worked on beautiful stratas, a Christmas quilt and a quilt about her Dad who called everyone "cowboy."
Great stuff!

I wish I had photos of the final quilts that these two glas made! Both finished them. One is the cat in the back which had loads of pieced blocks worked into her body and it ended up being just stunning. Sue next to Sandy, did a quilt about her daughter wanting cake for breakfast and her Mother said "no" and the little girl said "well you let me have donuts." The finished quilt had the little girl in a kitchen with lots of details and many of her dolls and toys that we woujld all recognize. Great texture and story.

These photos were all taken by Patty Hempen- thankfully she took alot of photos since I lost my camera. Wahhhh. Did you notice alot of people are too busy to look up from their projects? That is good, right?

This year everyone was quite independant and they all had great projects (stories) started. Sandy below did two quilts and she has the knack of doing winning pieces that are oh so exciting. I think there are going to be a good number of winning ribbon quilts coming out of this class.


wackywoman said...

Oh it looks like you all had a great time.

WoolenSails said...

I am glad you were able to borrow photos from others, so we can share the wonderful class with you. Love the quilts and the stories behind them. I am still waiting for my machine, then I can start practicing small pieces with machine applique before i tackle a larger one.


The little book of Nessie said...

From the pictures I can see that everyone is having a wonderful time with all that creativity. Regards. Nessie

Donna Avila said...

In spite of the fact that some of us got sick, I have to say this was a near perfect class! I met some of the sweetest ladies ever and of course I always love Mary Lou! I am glad someone had some pics....I hope you find that camera! I'll be taking this class again. It's the only time I get anything done!

Sewhappy said...

Hello from Austraia. I am so wishing I could be in one of your classes. I have ordered your book but it is still yet to arrive (out of the box) I hope one day to be able to be there, I love your work.