Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The winners are...AND one can never have TOO many dots!

Dots and Dots and Dots and Dots.............

And Dots and Dots and Dots and Dots...........

And Dots and Dots and Dots...........

And the winners are.......Woolensails, Julie Sefton,Upstate Lisa and Spicy Kathy. Please keep commenting and you could be next!
Below I set these aside to do something with know when you run into something you forgot you had??? Such fun to have a stash...and a good one at that.

My friend Heather has been sorting through my fabrics and putting them in more shallow containers by design and by color. Here are four of the dot bins and she is working on another 4 bins of dots....I guess I liked dots better than I thought I did. I will be having more drawings for people who have signed up as followers throughout the summer. It is fun for me too. So far we have six bins of dots and counting.....yikes, I knew I loved dots.........

These peonies are from my garden and what a lovely thing to enjoy them while sewing away on wild flowers

Below my Grandchildren enjoy the garden....

Below is my husband Mark who is putting a roof on the pergola so I can sit and sew and enjoy the rain noises....

Above is the backyard and I know have a little outdoor livingroom to sew and sit and enjoy. Hey, who has time to just sit and enjoy? Too many ideas.......

Sunday, June 27, 2010

For Those Coming to My August Retreat-hotel info

I just went to the Howard Johnson which is changing to a new name (see my link) and I have held a small amount of rooms for those of you who want a clean nice hotel. It is across from truck stop restaurant for good breakfasts (my husband says) and it has a continental breakfast too. Plain and simple fare for $100 a night.
OR This sounds like a winner if you read this!
If you want to upgrade to a nicer and more expensive hotel on the river then there is the Red Lion Templins which has a river view and breakfast for $134.99 plus tax a night or no view of the river and the breakfast for $129.99 a night. This has a great reputation. NEWSFLASH! One of the girls called to this hotel and here is what she said! It isn't as much as you quoted
especially when the 3rd night is free. You just might want to let the
others know that or they can find out for themselves just like I did.
I have good things planned and because there is a small number of people I will be giving away fabric and some other nice surprises that I normally would not be able to do. I also plan to take the students to places that small groups and attend in both Spokane and Coeur d'Alene. A wonderful place to wander and sew if you haven't been here. The kitchen is large and lovely with a huge serving area so we will be able to smell lunch and dinner and eat snacks that will be out all day as we sew. :0) Good news. I am working on my new book and just figured out some new blocks that no one has seen. Prepare to be inspired! Story quilts are my favorite and I have some drawings for handouts to give you great inspiration and creative avenues.
Please let me know when you have booked your rooms so I can get my reservations back. Thank you!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Kootenai Falls and Family offer up wonderful memories-plus 2 things

I think once you scroll down and see the falls you will agree that the sign with the warning seems dumb but then there are always those people that try stupid things or I guess just do not think....would you go swimming in this water????

Guess who-kicking back and enjoying nature and a beautiful day.

Kootenai Falls is something quite wonderful in Libby Montana. My cousin and I met at my Aunts house. My aunt is facing terminal lung cancer and still quilts and embellish's every day. The three of us played rummicube and watched "best in show" and talked about life and things that meant something to us, like family. It was lovely. Before I left to go home, my cousin wanted to show me Kootenai Falls. We went on a little hike and I really enjoyed the beauty and sounds, shapes, colors and textures of what Montana offered up. Our Grandparents lived on the Kootenai River in British Columbia so it was fun to see the US side of things too.

Beautiful moss and trees everywhere...nature at it's best! If you haven't been to Montana you need to go. Steinbeck called Montana "my darling."

My cousin high up on a big bluff- me down below where it is safe

I am not sure if this photo shows how high up and rickety this swinging bridge is...though it is beautiful

The sign announced that only 5 people could get in the bridge at a time....I stayed off as there were others and I wasn't taking any chances above that water! My cousin is younger and braver

My cousin Kristi who is by the sign announcing Kootenai Falls in Libby, Montana-gorgeous and loud and mighty

Imagine LOUD flowing water that is gushing and moving and rushing.....

Two things, comment and sign up for followers for a chance to win fabric. And if you have ordered anything from me, I am waiting for a new machine to arrive. My old machine cannot be used any longer. Thank you for being patient.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Terry wrote to say how much she enjoyed Flower Power and using the hoochy technique to make these fun blocks and this wonderful quilt-kidos Terry!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Prizes, Father's Day and Flowers.............

So, I have four drawings that I will have someone here draw in two weeks. All you need to do is comment and join my followers group and you can be a winner! Good luck.
Above is drawing number 1-which is a nice assortment of Laurel Burch fabrics
My men on Father's Day-I had to sneak this in too (Dad and Son)

Drawing number 2-Alexander Henry fun fabric-1 yard

Number 3 drawing-nice assortment of Laurel Burch fabrics

Number 4 -1 yard and a half of fun fabric

This was a fun quilt for the Flower Power book-my friend Pam helped put it together once the flowers were all done and ready to be a quilt

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Quilt By Laura (Charlotte's Sister) who is coming to the August Retreat

I am going to load some prizes on later tonight but I had to share this most wonderful quilt by Laura who has taken a number of my story quilt workshops with her Sister Charlotte. Laura just sent me this photo of her quilt which is a memory of a dance recital the "girls" danced in many years ago. They are still young and fun and creative! I had to laugh because one of the fairy gifts I gave out were rings. They were plastic with silver in all colors. Laura had a pink one I think and on the plane ride on their way home a snooty woman asked Laura what kind of stone the ring was? Laura didn't smile and didn't miss a beat and just said "it's plastic!" Then when she and Charlotte got off the plane they laughed. They are fun for sure. AND they were the girls that gave out the bumper stickers (for fairy gifts) that said "Hoochy Mama's are Easy." Very fun and something you keep in your sewing room and many others out there wouldn't "get it." If you are fun and creative, "you get it."

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You Asked For It and So I am Going to Post More Close Up's

I love this quilt about my Grandmother because it hung in my Mother's Kitchen and now that she has passed away, I have it back and I love it twice as much.

So, I have been doing some drawings lately of memories that I will later go in and paint. I have a series of these ready for color and I am going back to Libby Montana to spend time with my Aunt and cousin and will draw something up that is a memory of my Aunts (if she chooses). She is dealing with terminal lung cancer and I have never seen anyone so brave and so positive and so wonderful. I am learning life's lessons from her and I want to pay her back for her wisdom.
This is one of the drawings ready for color. I remember my Mother's neighbors well and talking over the fence-Grandma too!