Friday, February 29, 2008

Quilting Animals and being kind when it's unexpected(it's a gift to YOU...

"You call that quilt art"?

"Which way is this quilt supposed to hang, Dear"?

"What was in that delicious cake you brought Linda????"....

"Quilting Retreats leave me exhausted"!

"What husbands do when their wives go quilting"...
Mark and I went to buy a Starbucks on a cold day and by the garbage cans outdoors, there was a man who had obviously just woken up. His greay hair was all tossled and he looked like someone who had slept in 2o something degree weather. We went through the drive through and bought him a large hot coffee with sugars to add and Mark went back to give it to him.
Mark said he was just shivering something terrible and he looked up and Mark said, "here's some hot coffee buddy." The guy said "oh wonderful, wonderful." I asked Mark what he was doing and he said he was making a sign to hold. We had a couple of Missions here for the homeless to stay in but they can't if they are drunk. Maybe this is why he chose outdoors. It was really sad to see. If you have a warm home, a nice bed, something to eat and someone to phone and say you love them, you have many riches that others don't have. It might be a good idea to make a list of then things you are thankful for today.
I am thankful for you and that you like to smile, see bright happy things and be thoughtful of others too. Thanks so much!
Cheery Day to YOU,
Mary Lou

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Marsha, Mary Lou and Linda (from Possibilities) get together for a break in class
Stasi Wilson who believes life is always GOOD (and it is)

Above is Diane who is a wonderful artist and fun friend to all of us.

Barb has a big smile as she progress's on her Hoochy blocks

Above is Charlotte who lives in Florida who met her Sister from Texas and spent a nice time creating old memories with bright and happy fabrics. We enjoyed hearing them call each other "Sister" when they called to one another.

A quilt canvas in progress on the left and ready for it's story on the right....

The get together of crazy socks Mary Lou sells- this was fun!

Ginger working on her border for "Festivus" quilt

The quilt above is by Stasi who loves angels-don't we all?

Above, Tami worked on the quilt showing her adoption of Triplets from African she adopted

Blocks above are the beginning of Tanya's quilt

Susie brought her Mother Gaye to California from North Carolina

These girls were all contestants in the "Miss Joy Asilomar " contest

Another class photo I came across...I wish I had dated all of these

Above is a photo of Suzanne and I -Suzanne is one of the founders of Asilomar and a super and fun person who lives in my dream home :0)

A photo of Lois, Cherise and Robyn

A photo of Susan Typpi who made this prom dress story-it is one of my favorite quilts ever
NOTE- I am missing photos of people like Mari, Cathy, and others that must be buried in my computer-if your photo isn't here hang in there I will find it one day and put it here!
We would love to have YOU in on the fun. You can join us at Asilomar next year or check my schedule for other Story Quilt possibilites.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Asilomar Photos in my File to see from years past

Above is Tami Sue (usually our fearless hostess), Lois and Stasi (who serve as backup advisors since they have come so many years and made so many wonderful Story Quilts

Someone sent me these photos hence the small size-click on these images and they might enlarge-the quilt above is by Stasi who has a husband and four children

This is a friend who wanted to join in the snacks at the workshop-he comes every year

The above is a family photo of the Morrisons. The Dad sends his wife and daughters to Asilomar every year as a gift so they can be together. I think this is their 10th year. He is awesome isn't he?

The above is Lynda who is a master of applique and she politely doesn't tell me she doesn't like my method -she provides us with comic relief and advice on my subjects

We not only wear tiaras every year but now we have coordinated the colors we wear each day-it drives some other people going to other classes crazy. They think we laugh too much...which makes us laugh. We belive creativity is created through happiness, not pain.

This was a class that I did not know or think about color coordination (thought up by students as was the tiaras)-what fun all of this is!

Carol and Tami hard at work on their projects- see in the background that Carol bought a new Tasuti Zoo doll. :0) I think it was a shock for that doll to go from California to Missouri. I hope she made some friends (like Carol-who has the best color sense ever!)

This is Stasi working on the Flower Power quilt for her Mother who was ill and in the hospital for part of our class. This quilt helped heal her I am happy to report. You can see it on the cover of the Flower Power book.

This is Janet holding up the border for her husband's quilt-she is laughing
To see the Asilomar
These photos are just a sample of what you will be experiencing in Jonesborough at Tennessee quilts, Santa Barbara quilt retreat in May and of coarse this year's Asilomar classes.
I will have more and better photos afterwards.
NOTE- if your photo isn't here it will be this year, I have a better and new camera-I am sorry to the many people I have not shown here-there are loads of YOU.


Below is Janet who takes my class every year as a retreat....she gets to know everyone and shares knowledge and kindness to all of us.... This quilt is her husband's machine shop....

Below is Tami, Diane and Stasi who have taken my class for many years. Asilomar would not be the same without them, their spirit, their fun and their laughter. Tami has 9 kids and needs this.
One of the class photos. A sunny day and a poor person who had to take dozens of photos with many many cameras. :0)
If you don't know about Asilomar go to

Above, the Las Vegas girls enjoy the sunshine and friendships with Mary Lou. These girls helped me with luggage the year before when they didn't know me. Their quilts were outstanding.

MARIE (From Minnesota) works on building her quilt.Nice colors (sorry this is fuzzy) -SORRY THIS IS FUZZY MARIE (who has come for years and years) :0)

Cheryl shows how she can take a pattern and be creative with it. She makes us laugh (alot).

Debi, Sue, Nancy and Molly all shop for more fabric for Story Quilts at Back Porch.

Carol (from Missouri )above, shows off her Hoochy borders,Tiara and funny fish....
Sue Sabbott (from Oregon) below tries to figure out Hoochy Mama borders....

Donna and Molly and other shop at Back Porch (I spend more money on fabric here than anywhere else....

Peggy and Dawn talking over Hoochy Mama borders and where they are going shopping....

Molly and Nancy with me at Scripps where I taught that time at Asilomar.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


You know sometimes how someone tells you are joke and your cheeks hurt from laughing and your eyes are closed and your cells just are giddy? Well, I loved this photo because if reincarnation is true, this dog is my cousin Trisha (come back)who I used to giggle with when I was little. I'd love to hear one of those jokes that makes you giggle down to your toes....
This dog is awesome.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

On this lovely snowy Saturday, I want to thank those of you who wrote and wished me well on my health-THANK YOU so very much and THANK YOU to those of you who wished me a Happy Birthday.
The link above is a MUST see- if you are having a bummer day (or not), this is informative and true and funny at the same time. Please comment.
Thank you Cathy Collins for sharing this with me.