Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's Halloween! Mary Lou is Kate and the kids are lots of fun characters!! What joy this holiday brings for silliness!

Did you wonder what Mary Lou would look like in a "Kate" hairstyle? Well, here I am!

My little Granddaughter wanted to be a "pretty" witch and my daughter Shelbi made her scary- she didn't like me saying she scared me.....

My daughter Shari, My son and daughter in law take the kids out for trick or treating

I gave rings out and my Grandson "Darth Vader" enjoyed choosing....he takes after me

Hannah Montana, Darth Vader and a skeleton come to visit their "Mimi" and "Papa"-what fun!

Hello Kitty, Hannah and Darth get their photo taken

My Grandson the hunter gets his Halloween photo taken- he saw me in the blond wig and started to cry- but a sucker does wonders to calm him down

We all laughed at this photo with the words in the background and little Mary Lou as a witch

My Granddaughter with a nice smile on her face.....

Hello Kitty had a cute hairstyle too! I have a lovely feeling tonight as I thank God for my lovely Grandchildren and the fun of a harmless holiday with candy and adoring Grandparents to

Donuts, the favorite treat here for Halloween

My Granddaughter last year as a witch....can't wait to see her this year!

When Pumpkins Drink Too Much

Thursday, October 29, 2009


here is Sue's story quilt about her Mother who used to take bubble baths and share her Motherly wisdom and love with Sue when she was younger. This quilt is beautiful and took first place on one of the shows in California. It is loaded with crystals and is SO beautiful in person.

The quilt above hangs over the railing in Sue's wonderful (beautiful actually) home in Castaic, California. Sue invited a number of us girls to come and sew and enjoy her huge home for part of a week. The theme was friendship, creativity, good food, color, container quilts, stack quilts, quilts with 6 borders (no kidding) and other ideas and things we shared-wait until you see Sue's chairs!!

This wonderful building in the background is Sue's sewing house (yes, house). It is large, has plenty of storage and is the perfect place for her to get away and sew. She has a HUGE house I didn't get photos of. I was too overwhelmed at the beauty of this little get away in her backyard complete with hot tub, and gazebo of wicker chairs and darling decorator accents.

I couldn't get past this red out building with the cute stuff on it.

Here Sue's best friend De cuts her blocks and squares them up. Stay tuned here for more on that tomorrow or later.

I know I am a lousy photo taker sometimes. No one looks like their movie star selves in this photo as Mel tells about her container quilt. Remember when I used to teach this?
Mel is making these for all of the women in her family.

Here is Sue with her darling dogs "Jack" and "Jill"-all three are very sweet

Sue's sewing area is fabulous and designed to the nines by her. Here is just a few examples of the chairs she makes. I have one to show you later -hint hint it is cherry designed- but keep looking as I took some more photos of these incredible chairs and pillows too

Isn't this cute and note the great fabrics she uses and the black and white piping

This quilt looked so good on the walls along with the pillows, wicker chairs and awesome studio chairs- Sue should be a decorator for sure

Pretty wonderful

Comfy too!

From Sue's garden

Whimsy everywhere!

Isn't this wonderful? More creativity and positive beauty

SIX borders on the quilt that Sue made! Sheesh!

Here is Sue with a smile on her face since she is DONE completeing her final border of SIX!
It was a great week with good friends. We left closer than ever and filled to the brim with appreciation and creativity! We hope to do it again next year. :0)
If you have a group of friends and a place to sew, invite them for a weekend of creativity and sharing and see what happens! It is super!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Isn't the bench above the cutest thing you have ever seen? It was in front of a wonderful shop that was filled with "Sticks" furniture-I pray that someday I can afford ONE piece of this-if I win the lotto, I will get more. Oprah are you reading this?

OK, so when you go to teach the second week of October, do you expect it to snow? Nope.

Surprise! A white winter snowland and watching it fall reminded of me decorating and baking.

Here are two girls holding up my Christmas quilt sample

Four of these people are related-three sisters a daughter and in blue on left a friend-Donna in the front right is the one who share the photos and Diane behind her was my hostess-great gals!

Here I am in the mix and I am not sure who came and took this photo but you can see her arm in there, haha. Anyone recognize this arm?

This is samples from the "Plaid to meet you" class before we did all of the trees and flowers and pumpkins etc.
Quilt Qyoming is a wonderful place to learn and make friends! And Jackson Hole is a beautiful place with great things to look at and restaurants and shops

Friday, October 16, 2009


Can you believe the horns here? Isn't this unreal? There were four of these in the town square!

I thought these were beautiful and profound.

Now this was just plain fun! And we had dinner in this bar and listened to Yvonne Hollenbeck show her many family quilts from generations and tell her Cowgirl poetry- if you live anywhere close you should hire her-it was one of the best lectures I have ever heard-fun and wonderful

This Eagle hung over the doorway of Jerry Spence's law office
And yes, it snowed and way too early in the year (second week of October)

Just some of the many blocks made in the Flower Power class-one day is never enough

Funky and oh so fun!

Birds are always so much fun! The one below was done by a girl who is not a quilter (her first) and she is an editor of the local newspaper-she was lovely and fun!

Fabric makes such a difference as does contrast in these blocks

I mentioned the girl below earlier-she is a civil war fabric style girl and she used the packet she won earlier for these hoochy mama blocks in class-isn't this pretty? She is kind of shocked but I think she likes it by her smile.

I love this pretty and fun sample-Jackson Hole, Wyoming rocks!