Wednesday, April 06, 2011

West Virginia Story Quilt Workshop, Button Treasure Jar, Blessings and Plaids

Above, I just love to leave a nice message for my Grandkids or whoever views my quilts. We are blessed to be a blessing. Who are you blessing today? It is such a nice message for all of us and wouldn't the world be a better place if everyone thought this way? See below for info on a great opportunity in West Virginia.
Looking down on the top of just one of my button jars-don't you just love the color and the texture and the feel of buttons?

Here is the treasure jar story quilt hanging in the LaConner Museum.

Terry Chilco, a friend from West Virginia just wrote a nice blurb about the retreat I am doing there soon. If you live close to West Virginia, the price is reasonable and the place is fantastic. Many teachers want to teach there because it is so great. I will be doing an inspiring quilt story class and would love to meet you there. Terry by the way has taken many of my story quilt classes all over the US and is hooked. She is proud I am coming to West Virginia her home State and I can't wait.
Terry says:
Below is the contact address for information about the Cedar Lakes Story Quilt Class.

The workshop is at Cedar Lakes, Ripley, WV.
May 1-6, 2011
Monday - Thursday will be class time.
Folks will arrive on Sunday (May 1) and leave after breakfast on Friday (May 6).
Sunday starts with dinner and then orientation. We can set up our
machines Sunday evening so we'll be ready for class starting at 8:30
am on Mon through Thurs.
Click below for the details:

Hover over CRAFT PROGRAMS and then click on CATALOG.
The registration form is on page 19 of the pdf.
The Story Quilt class write up is on page 5 (Mary Lou's last name is misspelled).
Mary Lou's bio is on page 18.

My Dad used to go out and get buttons at garage sales for me often. I loved the fact that he tried so hard to find me treasures. I decided to do a girl with a treasure jar and I used the buttons as my treasures with the Bible verse that says "For where your treasure is there will be your heart." I love this because it has good messages and reminds me of my Daddy.


Pam said...

I wish I could see your whole display at the museum!!! I bet it's just awesome!

painting lessons said...

I like your blog!...Daniel

Nedra said...

Wonderful message Mary Lou. Thank you for helping me to start the day with such a good thought.

Miss Tina said...

Love the vase and flowers. Who I am kidding, I love them all...

Quiltdivajulie said...

I wish I could teleport across the country to spend a day with your quilts in the museum ... oh, my! SO very happy to see PLAIDVILLE, too.

LOVE your attitude!

Patty ♣ said...

YOU ♥ are quite something!!♥

Kathy C said...

Oh, I just have to get working on my own plaid town quilt! Mary Lou, I love what you did with Plaidville.

WoolenSails said...

That is a really fun quilt, love how she incorporated the buttons she had, for the jar. I collect them too, from my wool finds, love to use them on dolls and things.


dollie said...

Love your happy quilts and am so sorry to miss the show at La Connor.

Sewhappy said...

What a wonderful Dad, and a great quilt too. I love plaidville, it is gorgeous. I wish I could go to your workshop, better start some savings plan, wish you were in Australia!

Kathy said...

Love your work, creative and inspiring.

71square said...

Just joined your blog today after receiving the newsletter. It is so wonderfully colorful and whimsical that I am now in overload!

It is truly a feast for my eyes! WOW! Seriously. I'm going to take my time exploring in order to enjoy it more fully! Thanks so much for your fun and creative art! It makes me feel like quilting again!


momid5 said...

how wonderful ...your tale of Daddy going out to find buttons for you...he was a treasure also !!

Carole Kurth said...

I love love love Robo-Clock! He's awesome! Also the queen-'how divine'! So here's an idea: April 29, place her by the tv while watching William and Kate's wedding, turn on a flashlight over the Queen (stationed
near the tv), like a spotlight, so she's WAVING...and you can have tea and crumpets during the festivities! If the grandkids come over, they can dress up too and be royalty!

The Happy Camper said...

I went in to Tessuti Zoo when I was there last week and met Linda. I was drooling over the fabric in her back room. I LOVE that store. I told her you suggested I go in, told her I was one of your groupies, she said she LOVES it when you come to town and she loves it when your groupies come it too and that you had a lot of groupies ;-). So many fun things in there. I loved the clocks!

jan said...

Can't wait to see the exhibit and attend your class in La Conner!! Believe it or not attending one of your classes is on my bucket list so fun to be fullfilling it so soon!!!