Monday, January 31, 2011

NO you can't believe the inventory here!

I am always blown away when I go to Susan Gower's booth. She doesn't remember me from Adam but I have spent thousands of dollars over many years of shopping for her wonderful things. Need a color of a buttons or trim or something special? This is the gal that can sell it to you. Unreal. Many things are older and would be hard to find. I am using alot of these on my next quilt and am very excited to show how to use all of this "stuff." I am promoting her because I think she has wonderful things. Please tell her that you saw her information on my blog. Thank you.

Below is a photo of Susan Gower who owns this incredible amount of cool stuff for quilters, doll makers, clothing and what have you. I told her I would promote her on my blog and then I spent a ton of money buying things.
If you order something from her, please please tell her you heard about her through me. I am not sure she believed I would do this. Please look at all of my photos first...I got some good ones with a good idea of what she has.Amazing.

In the pink! How many things could you encorporate into pink ideas???Hundreds! Pink rhymes with alot and trims on creams and pinks could produce a fabulous small piece!

OK so YELLOW- how about a quilt called "Billy you're jusy yella" and you can do a cowboy with a yellow outfit on and lots of trims....are you with me or am I scaring you? Now you come up with something creative for a color!

I ALWAYS wanted to do a quilt called "ORANGE you happy you are creative? Now's my chance....

Can you imagine how crazy this makes some with creativity? So many possibilites!

I adore anything red and I wanted some of everything....couldn't afford it so I got pieces of a few fun things....

Name a color and she has it. I bought many buttons and trims and wa nt to show what you can do with them in my workshops........very fun and creative too

Friday, January 28, 2011

Day of the Dead Quilts at Road to California gave us a great theme and wonderful images and color!

This quilt is by my friend Pam who does alot of my quilts and Mel's also. She loaded these cactus down with green bugle beads and you might want to try it....lovely sparkle and less money than crystals! Isn't this a cool quilt?

This was my favorite part of the quilt show at Road to California. It was themed (Day of the Dead) and I didn't even get photos of all of the quilts. Color, design and fun highlighted this wonderful display and my teacher sample was of New Mexico which had a few things to match this theme also. I loved this and so did many others.

Thankfully when my children were in high school they all had the same fabulous Mexican teacher who taught Spanish and each Spring they would go to the graveyard and she would prepare lovely treats and cookies shaped like skeletons and fingers etc along with sandwiches and other things. She wrote a lovely letter to the parents that explained what Day of the Dead was and that it was not evil but a lovely day to remember out relatives that departed etc. I am thankful because I live in the North and when we see skeleton's we think it is something scary or evil. Day of the dead is a happy, delightful holiday for families in Mexico and other places in the Southern part of our North America. The colors, the designs, the energy, what fun!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quilter's Garden offers Mary Lou more imagination, smiles and fun-Tina is the perfect clerk!

To go to Quilter's Garden, here is the information below as many of you asked for it.
428 N. Lakeview
Anaheim, CA
Quilters Garden
off the 91 freeway...
Tina and Mary Lou in front of Quilter's Garden quilt shop where Tina works and plays.
I had some time when my plane landed in Ontario California to connect with my friend Molly and go to Quilter's garden quilt shop where our dear friend Tina works and plays. I had always wanted to go there because I had heard how cute, inventive and creative it was. It was super on all fronts and I rate it HIGH on my list of must visits. Don't miss this cute shop and all of the cute things in the shop! Ideas galore!

Tina loves comfort when she works.,..I bet not everyone has someone in their local shop who wears no shoes in January....

Here Tina studies my Alexander Henry fabric I brought from home...I think maybe she wants a bolt also....

Below, does this look like I bought too much fabric for the bag? And should I have bought it when I have too much at home?

OK, I admit it, I love too many things...birdhouses really make me smile and where I live you don't see many that are cute enough to want but when I am on the road and I see something like this I just wish it was mine....You Know what I mean? I believe they call it coveting and it is wrong....

Since I am in love with all angels I see, I fell in love with this one...isn't she cute?

This cart is outside the shop, isn't it wonderful? Should be in a story quilt....

Tina on the right who works for "Quilter's Garden" is hilarious and she is an awesome quilter too. You want good advice? Go see Tina if you live close in California. The shop is darling in every nuck and corner and ideas and colors abound!

Molly is buying and Tina is working the store and we are all excited about how many cute things are available and I brought a hcunk of Alexander Henry fabric to show the girls that I am working is so cute and has great possibilities. Friends are always fun to share ideas with.