Thursday, November 06, 2008

With all of the color on my blog it may have been easy to have missed the blurb I did about the handbags below. Please check it out. This was the nice comment left by the founder of this handbag company. I thought it was really great. We all need to help where we can.
Bagman said...
thank you for sharing the Laga story with your readers. We started the handbag factory and training center August 2006 with 12 women, today we are supporting 150, our vision is to help 1,200. We appreciate you coming alongside with us. Best wishes, Roy van BroekhuizenCo-Founder & CEO

Monday, November 03, 2008

Samples from My fabricline and fun photos from Market of Happy Things

I know you may have seen this but if you haven't it is my new black and creams that go along with the Happiness Is line. Mari Linfesty made this quilt hoochy mama style and I just love it. Mari also made the two samples did not get put me. I ran out of time....stay tuned.

The quilt above got many stacked colorful buttons sewn onto the middle of each of these little crosses. Hillcreek buttons had the perfect match to all of the "Happiness Is" fabrics.

I had big plans of making a topiary out of this and it is still going to happen. It would have been nice for it to happen for Market but I may do more work on it since I don't have to hurry. There is talk about me doing a piecing book of this. :0) I have loads of patterns already designed.
Brenda from Texas and Mel from LA share a hug at Market. Both of these girls are good friends and are fun....can you tell? They did the quilt that Benartex is giving free patterns out for that goes along with the "Happiness Is" line. See below, it is quilted and bound now and it really a very pretty quilt. I wish you could see it in person. If you click the photo you can see a bigger photo and some of the details.

The booth above and below was Linzee's and mel's favorite booth. I forget the girls name but she oozes talent and I wish she would come and redo my house....I saw frames like this in many magazines but with the fabric in them it is so cool!

I have all of the quilts here as of this afternoon and all quilted so I plan to take photos and then pass them back to the owners. It'll be fun to show you the huge variety of things out of the "Happiness Is" line.