Saturday, March 28, 2009


The quilt in the background is one of my Flower Power books-this Seattle lady is trying to hide perhaps from the is a cool quilt!

This bird I made is HUGE and too big for any of my quilts......

The fabric we used in this flower power is awesome and still available in two colorways on my website at

I teach the Hoochy Mama/Flower Power classes for shops and my schedule on my website-it is ever changing and growing....I'd love to meet you in this fun workshop

There are millions and flowers and variations of flowers and these make awesome quilts!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

For a Big Smile check this out-it made my year and I am still dancing long after it is over!

Brevard and Ashviulle North Carolina- Spring and Beauty have Arrived!

This photo was taken at Jean's house (she and her husband love bears) when we went there for her home made ribs and sweet potatoes....Ann brought a strawberry pie-it was Spring there for sure!

A darling bird from the Flower Power book-these birds make everyone smile and hey, plaids can't be beat!

Brevard is known for it's white squirrels...I never saw one, so I think it is a legend

What is better than the sites and smells of spring? Did you know that Spring is the favorite of people? Followed by Fall, summer and then winter....

Here is the day we did the Hoochy is always fun and I never tire of these blocks and the lessons on color and your fabric stash and what it is missing....loved that people commented on learning about fabric and choices....

Here I am above in the photo
And below, I took the fun group of nice ladies!

This is a talented and fun guild-they did a challenge called Black and white and read all over

Above was lunch the first day with an awesome coleslaw recipe- I am going to share it this week...and deviled eggs! It tasted like summer....and dill pickles my favorite!

I see Amy's influence everywhere I go.....

I loved this fun sailboat quilt!

Isn't this portrait quilt super? I am a long way away when I took these or they would be sharper...I took a photo of my "Chicken Soup" pattern that Marti did and it was so cool but my photo did not turn out-Marti please send me a photo to brag about you and your shop!

Aren't these samples awesome...each and every quilt was superb! This is a talented group!

This was a doorway that was painted and I thought it was cool....

I have many many more nice photos of my North Carolina adventures...please check back this week for more photos that will inspire!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

On the Road to Asilomar-will load photos as I take them

Please reread some of my older posts as they are fun too and consider buying raffle tickets-the show is in Post Falls Idaho at the OLD CHURCH which is now an ART conference center. The date is the middle of April, I have to get my calendar which is packed...stay tuned and I will post this when I get back. The size of the quilt is a lovely wall is not a bed quilt. Just the right size for any wall. That's why I wanna win it too.

Monday, March 02, 2009

How is this for a Mary Lou raffle quilt????

The wonderful quilt above is selling raffle tickets. I am going to put how to get some on here soon. It is a wonderful size and the details are terrific! The leaves are all dimensional, feet hang down below, faces are painted beautifully, hair has great details, the quilt is pieced and buttonholed, all with many of Mary Lou's fabrics that hse has designed. It is signed and has a nice label on the back. I want to win this! Wish you could see it in person, it is fabulous! I drew out the design and the Art Textile Guild here in town mae it for their April show. I LOVE it. I can't get the bottom photo to turn right...sorry. You have to see this in person to realize the wonderful of many details and fun.