Monday, April 25, 2011

Come to Mary Lou's June (third annual) Retreat in Post Falls Idaho for Inspiration, JOY, New Friends and Great Homeade Food by Laurie

I just got this photo of a quilt made in my Asilomar workshop. Laurie the girl who made this for her adorable Granddaughter will be our cook at the retreat in June. This is a great example of how taking Flower Power/hoochy things and putting them together with fun lettering can produce a one of a kind treasure quilt that can say anything you want and be a lasting memory/story. Isn't this adorable? Think about what you would like to say in a little story quilt about you or someone you love. I am so tickled Laurie will be there with her many talents.

Quilt below and above was done by Mary Linfesty out of fun pieced hoochy style blocks. Mari came to last years Post Falls retreat and did some truly amazing things.

Found another great photo of food served for lunch to share

This book is full of information on being creative and we will use alot of the ideas here also.

This year at the Mary Lou retreat (June 13th-17th) you will get this fun cat pattern. You may choose to make blocks of all kinds ala' Hoochy Mama style as a quilt, as a border and for those interested in story quilts, we will be discussing how to's for you to begin a prize winning quilt, at least to you. Many story quilts done in Mary Lou's classes have take first place awards. Hooray! We will be discussing lettering and saying anything you want to on a quilt or doing a title, a holiday name or the name of someone you love OR say something great for your wall or as a gift for someone you love. Shapes, creativity, friendship, composition, color and fabric styles will all be discussed as we have fun in a great place. Sewing time will be number one as we work on our projects and learn just how inventive and creative we can be! So far, I have a nice number signed up but am keeping it open for a few more people to come and enjoy all that we have going in our third fun, inspirational and inventive quilt retreat. The cost of $565. which includes everything except your hotel cost. For those interested, Mary Lou suggests coming in one day earlier and she will take you to the Buggy Barn, the Davenport hotel for lunch and a quilt shop or two and we will
end with dinner somewhere in Post Falls or Spokane Valley. In any case it will be alot of fun and a good chance to make new friends.

How about creating a lovely Queen Bee? Now that is original. :0)

Molly, Mary Lou and Sandi enjoy friendship at the retreat. The retreat is in Post Falls Idaho right between Spokane and Couer d'Alene Idaho. You fly into Spokane. The girls signed up so far sound like they will stay at the Templins Red Lion. There are many hotels close to the facility. The Red Lion is only one mile from where we work and many of the girls walk though there is a large parking lot if you want to drive...which I would probably do. :0)

This is Laurie Latta at the shop and she had cooked all day and she was almost too tired to shop.

Stacks waiting to be cut. Now I have a new secret to make your fabrics look even better. I am working on some new things (don't I always?) and want to share it with the retreat gals.

One evening for those interested, Mary Lou will take you to a local quilt shop and discuss light givers and fabrics that work to pull eyes into your quilt and things that don't. Let's discuss your stash and what you can do to make it work better for YOU. This was a hit and the shop is wonderful. They open the shop only for us.

Mary Lou will be demo'ing new techniques in her style of lettering. You will also get a good look at some of the new quilts in Mary Lou and Mel's book due out July 11th. New patterns will be passed out that no one has seen yet-great fun and a jump on doing great work that is fun, Out of the Box and you get the pattern for it.

The really handy thing about our retreat is that the cooking is right there in the kitchen alcove of the classroom so we can eat and work at the same time-This is very handy for those of you who want to produce alot in the four days we are working. Good light, plenty of room for irons and cutting. A great space with a great history. It was once a church they turned into an Art Center thanks to jacklin Seed company.

This cake stand is our class mascott and she holds great treats and gets happy remarks

Let's talk birds and how many you can create quickly and styles...

Creating makes you hungry (in my opinion and Laurie Latta from Lopez Island is again going to cook for us this year. Laurie has many specialties and has great plans for more delicious food and including her desserts such as cream puffs and cheesecake with huckleberry sauce. She serves great salads and fruits and other surprises as well as a table of snacks each day. Her gourp (homemade snack mix) is a class favorite. I am also hoping to get my daughter in law to make her Mother's poppy seed lemon/lime cake for the group-it is exceptional. The photo below is of one of Laurie's meals last year.

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Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

I'm going to wish I hadn't read this post -- I want to go! It looks like the most fun you could have without getting arrested. :-) Wonder what my boss would think if I told him I need time off to go to Idaho to make Hoochy Mama blocks?

WoolenSails said...

Sounds like a fun retreat and fun projects to create.
I think all that food would be too tempting, lol.


Sandi said...

Thanks for all the new information about the retreat. Can't wait to start designing a fun story quilt. Just may have to use some of the things I did this last trip to Hawaii!

It will be fun getting a peek at your new quilts and blocks in your new book.

I'm also looking forward to Laurie's great snacks and cooking.1

Maree in NC :-) said...

Wouldn't it be so nice if ALL of us could come! Where is that winning lottery ticket? ;-)

Best wishes for another wonderful retreat! :~D