Friday, April 08, 2011

Linda pederson's Talents with quilting and Stuff that Makes me Smile from Tasuti Zoo

I bought this darling clock at Tasuti Zoo and he makes me so happy and so many people comment about him. Anyone can have a clock but not just anyone can have a robot clock!
I took some photos of silly things I love in my house. I got this Queen for a gift from Tasuti Zoo my most favorite shop in the world (in Pacific Grove and facebook too). The queen has a solor thing in her handbags and when the sun is out, she smiles and waves over and over. I love her. She is next to where I do dishes.

I love fun things and enjoyed these three kids playing ring around the rosie-I am going to do something similar with my three Grandaughters doing this. Fun!

Below is the ice cream we ate with Linda's sugar cookies-she is a fabulous hostess.

In case you missed it I had to show it to you again-I think this is the coolest Dear jane by Linda Pederson I have ever seen. Below are many more of her quilts.

Wait until you see the darling cakes in my book with Mel coming out July 11th- they are wonderful....I don't mind saying it either. :0)

Loinda loves Piece of Cake too and she really does a wonderful job with All of their patterns!

this is a large and wonderful ceramic piece that Linda bought from a Seattle artist. It is cool!

Linda Pederson has all kinds of fabulous quilts at her house and I was so impressed and happy to see them. Wish you had been there these photos don't do justice!

This was taken in LaConner last week and I hear maybe some of the tulips will be blooming this week. I hope so! You won't regret a drive there to see the beauty of flowers and then take a trip over to the LaConner quilt Museum to see that color (of my quilts).


Lynda McCoy said...

Linda Pederson's quilts are beautiful! I might just have to learn how to do applique.

WoolenSails said...

You can see she has a love of art and it shows in her work.


Patty ♣ said...

Mary Lou! I really enjoyed this post..and I LOVE ♥ the little robot clock! I would buy it!!!

Chikosa said...

It's pretty!!!!!!!!!!

Nedra said...

The clock robot is just too fun! Thanks for such a bright sunny post with wonderful quilts and Show and Tell.

angelsister1951 said...

What a wonderful to see the inspiration that others have and the wonderful work that is accomplished... just always thanks for sharing and doing all that you do....
i love the queen and she waves.. omg
love it

Donna Avila said...

I love tazuti zoo. There is ALWAYS so much to look at there!

Donna Avila said...

I love Tazuti Zoo! There's always so much to discover there!

The little book of Nessie said...

Loved all your pictures. The daffodils are beautiful! Regards, Nessie