Saturday, April 02, 2011

Mary Lou's LaConner Museum show and Tulips make for a wonderful visit in a wonderful city!

It is hard to beat the beauty of the flowers in full bloom in Skagit Valley. The acres and acres of yellow daffodils are fabulous and unreal right now. Huge and happy and wonderful yellow fields are everywhere.

I just got back from the recption for my quilt show at the LaConner Museum in Western Washington. It will be there until the end of June and it has many of my new quilts and older ones too. It was fun seeing the smiling faces of people who went to see the show. Loved hearing people say the quilts were very happy.
There were acres and acres of yellow daffodils everywhere around the city. So wonderful in so many ways and soon when those are gone there will be thousands and thousands of tulips as you can see in every color and size. So beautiful. Great shopping there and great restaurants. My favorite breakfast and lunch place is "Calico Cupcoard." Beautiful baked goods and delicious meals. Lovely and friendly staff there also. If you plan to go see my quilts do it when the tulips are in full bloom!

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Duff said...

Congratulations on this festive showing of your creativity! WE adore you out in blogland and are so very happy to hear that others will become just as entranced with all the wonderful story quilts! Kudos to you!!
Wish I loved closer!