Thursday, May 06, 2010


BEAR PAW in Coeur d'Alene showed our class a great time after hours no less! NO wonder they were selected for this year's Quilt Sampler Magazine! They are awesome in every repect and I love shops that have NICE people who work there and they have that covered WELL. Darling girls. And fabric up the kazoo! WOW!

Another stack of the bolts we went through- once you learn how to use color and a stash that works, you can't wait to begin with these types of great fabric!

This is part of what I bought- look for these in the samples of my new book next year! "Out of the Box Blocks" with Mary Lou and Mel McFarland

This is Eleanor who we loved and exhausted and our darling Karen who helped fold everything that Eleanor cut...and for free! :0)

This sample was hanging up and I thought it was adorable- who doesn't love aprons?

Speaking of greens for the perfect green stratas! Wish YOU were with us!

Speaking of green lightgivers, Molly shows the class what to use for those killer strats -great color and design! Karen who used to own a quilt shop in Pennsylvania looks on and agrees-they were both big help with the retreat

I said "Hurry and cut these so I can pile more on the counter"-the lady just looked at me and then her watch....

Green was a color alot of people said was their favorite! Terry above LOVES green and her outfit shows it-isn't that a cool coat???

Kathy chose these fabrics to work with-aren't they dreamy? Color and Flowers!

Walk this way-on the sidewalk are all kinds of Bear Paws-so wonderful!

Hey I adore these colors and the cheddar at the end sings to me.
I talked about the types of fabrics you should buy for a winning quilt and what your stash might be missing....this is in my Out Of the Box book

The samples here are so much fun and color know I am a sucker for color and fun design!

OK, this is only part of the bolts we went through-they had amazing fabric and if you come to my retreat this summer in August to do a story quilt or you plan to come next year for another design class, you can see this and more in my area

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Rebecka said...

WOW! Great fabrics. Looks like a fun shop and the quilts were beautiful.

Wendy_MT said...

Bear Paw is one of my favorite shops... they've helped me both in the store and over the phone since I live in Montana and can't exactly stop in on a whim. However, every chance I get, I drop into their MARVELOUS store. Can't get enough of them :)

Eileen said...

I have a picture of all the bolts the ladies cut from, if you're interested. It's not the best b/c it's from my phone, but it's hilarious! Thanks for being such an easy and fun crowd!