Friday, May 07, 2010

YOU MISSED THE GREAT FOOD AT MARY LOU'S RETREAT? Julia Child has nothing on Laurie Latta !

Laurie takes a much deserved rest at the quilt shop as everyone else shops....she is pooped! She bought all of the groceries, planned the menus, chopped, prepped stirred and served fabulous meals, and then did the dishes and cleaned up ready for the next meal. Laurie is a retired teacher and I think she was in the wrong business. :0) Catering could have been her thing- Martha Stewart is lucky Laurie decided to teach.

Every meal was well planned and delicious.

We never got a chance to even be a teeny bit hungry. Plus we had a snack table with fruits, gorp mix with 10 different things in it (wonderful) and chocolates as well as cookies. Laurie worked like a busy little beaver the entire retreat and her food was fantastic!


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beth said...

Wow! Looks yummy! You've got some happy gastronomic memories, huh?