Friday, May 21, 2010

Carol Kandoll's quilt story for her sister Terry and her husband Rob

I first met Carol Kandoll on a bus in San Diego going to a Visions show many years ago. Then later on I stayed with her when I went to my favorite town in Alaska (Petersberg) to teach. It is a fabulously beautiful town with many scandinavians. Since my Grandparents were Norweigen (Grandpa) and Swedish (Grandma), I was happy to see lots of lefse, halibut and other things I ate with my Mother when visiting my Grandparents in Canada. Carol's house was charming and the trip was absolutely one of the best trips I have ever made. I asked why the town only had 300 or so people and she said it rains all but about 60 days or something. "Oh" I said. When I was there it was simply sunny and beautiful.
And hey, isn't this story quilt just charming and even better a gift for her sister who has Grandchildren that someday will call it theirs. Terry lives right on the ocean and it looks just like the view behind her. She and her husband like to go to Palm Springs in the winter and golf. Her flower garden is wonderful and well depicted here. I love the dates and the sentiments here, don't you?
What story could you be planning to share about someone you love?


WoolenSails said...

That is a fun quilt. I want to make something for my nephew's upcoming wedding. They are going to do it at their favorite campground and reserved sites so we can all camp. I thought a camping quilt would be the perfect gift idea.


Sharon S said...

Love this quilt. You are so inspiring! Definately a quilt about my Mom. Flower gardens, fun birthday cakes & our front porch which ran the length of our house. I better go sketch something now!