Saturday, May 15, 2010


Above are my six new friends who I chatted with, sewed with, created with and enjoyed this past week. I asked each girl to please hold up one of their blocks. It was a small class but what a joy to get to know everyone so well and enjoy each of them. We had alot of laughter and fun.
It is always so nice to meet up with old friends again and I had a chance to go to dinner with Carol and Nancy who live in the area and took a five day workshop from me last year (story quilts). We spent the evening catching up and had a nice chance to check out the ocean and Carol's cabin outside of Trinity. Both of these girls are a real blessing to me. Aren't we lucky to meet such lovely friends through quilting?

Below is darling Dixie McBride who puts on the Quilt Escape. She works so hard and everyone has a lovely classroom, wonderful treats and the best food I have ever had at any large conference. We had chicken kiev, pork loin, salmon, prime rib and tons and tons of beautiful salads, fresh fruits of every kind at every meal there and a wonderful wonderful mexican lunch of all homemade Mexican foods. Everyone raved about the food and the conference center and how nice a venue this is.

Here are the teachers all together at the night of the banquet. I had such a lovely time with them. All fun and all positive and with the way that Dixie ran the event we were all very happy. You get your money's worth out of this venue for sure.

Here is a rather dark photo of Lynn's darling chicken. I also designed a rooster for her to face the chicken. It was fun to have time to design some new things people wanted for their quilts and that they wanted to piece.

Below are Beth's fabulous blocks that will be in the quilt she does about her trip to Paris. I did not get a photo but one of her blocks is of Lourds Cathedral and she both pieced and appliqued it and it is incredible. Her quilt is going to win prizes for sure. She was a good addition to a small class. Each student I had this time was fun, positive, creative and inspiring. I came home charged and happy.

The most wonderful buildings are in a little town right next door to the Quilt Escape. There are unbelievable Victorian houses there and the little town where you shop is in this same style. There is a trailer park where we were that was lovely and many travelers staying there to enjoy the beauty and charm of this area. I want to go back with my husband and a little trailer to just look around and take photos. It is closer to our home than many of the wonderful places I have been and easier for us to drive there. This would be a great vacation destination for those of you with travel trailers or just a yen to travel somewhere fun. Come to next year's Quilt Escape and you can stay in a lovely hotel priced quite reasonable and see what you want to see and take classes too. I plan to take a class if I can work it into my scedule. Dixie has wonderful people hired for next year and if you want, you can take her, walk along the river and have your own travel guide. She honestly puts on a fabulous retreat. She knows what we want and she gives it to us. Come and take a class and we can enjoy the sites together when we are done sewing. :0)


WoolenSails said...

That looks like a wonderful place for a retreat.
Where in maine will you be staying? If I can swing it, I will head up, while you are there. There are some great paddling areas there;)


Sandi said...

Lovely photos Mary Lou, but where exactly is it held?

I looks to be around Ferndale California???