Friday, May 07, 2010

Just Some of the work at Mary Lou's Design and Dine Retreat-if you weren't there you missed alot of good stuff!

The sampler above was taken too early and she kept doing cool things. Daisy who had never made a quilt before showed us all how to be creative and fun. We had alot of original work done in this class. I was blown away by the samples of creative blocks.

TIP-stay tuned for Mary Lou's new book next year that will have alot of these tips for designing your own best work-"Out of the Box Blocks" will give you a hint on how to be original, creative, use color wisely and have FUN!
I have to say that I gave some handouts to the class and they ran with it! Even those that had not sewn much or at all before. Whimsy & joy took over the class!

The blocks below just grew and grew and you know how it is, the quiet student that
does awesome work and doesn't call attention to herself! This California girl did fabulous and was fun to watch!

Our Miss Penny put on her thinking cap and came up with unique and fun blocks that we all cheered the way, she also brought me a fairy gift of two blue bottle and a red one for my bottle tree with tulips in bloom (lovely)-she got an A but didn't need to bribe me...she is good!

There were so many differnet birds in the class that not even the birders could tell us what they were! I never get tired of seeing what people create with the bird ideas....they are so much fun and so cool in any quilt!

This bird is looking for a girlfriend! Isn't he (she) fun???

Antoinette thinks about the handbags she is creating in her own design, original sense....she is a Southern girl with extraordinary taste


WoolenSails said...

Love the fun designs. I tried some dying yesterday, so I can get some brighter fun colors to practice with.


West Michigan Quilter said...

I love to look at your pictures and see all the wonderful things creative people do. What an inspiration.

Maree in NC :-) said...

Oh my goodness!!! What an awesome time y'all had!!! The pictures are fabulous, Mary Lou, and I really do appreciate your letting us have a sneak peak into your fun, creative and delicious retreat!!!

Happy Hoochy Hugs,
Maree in NC :~D

sewtakeahike said...

these blocks are so inspiring! great work to all the people who made them!

Em said...

I thought of you all weekend and was heartsick that I wasn't playiing in person with you and your amazing students! Thank you for sharing the inspirations, Em

angelsister1951 said...

Hello to all
we had such a great time.. wonderful ladies, super great food and just a big inspiration seeing all that can be done with just the right lite giving fabric and an awesome teacher to inspire you .... thank you so much for a great time , marylou... you and your family are a treat to know....