Friday, May 21, 2010

Know anyone who is a new Mom or Grandma? Maybe they need to do a story quilt!

My friend's Joan and Curt just had their very first Granddaughter. I also met a woman who was the checker at my grocery store and she is a new Grandma and a quilter. She wants to do a story quilt about the joy of having a new little one in her family. I love helping with this.
Today is my Granddaughter Mary Lou's birthday. She had ten little kids over to her home and I enjoyed watching them all play together. Mary Lou found some really gross big bugs in the backyard and put them in a big green pail and brought them into the house to show her Mom (who promptly took them outdoors.) She cared more about the bugs than she did the many darling gifts she received...I think this might be a new story quilt. :0)

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Pam said...

I can see it now.. have you started yet?? :0)