Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Libby Montana and My Aunt Bonnie and Cousin Kristie, a true joy!

Two of my favorite people are my cousin Kristi and my Aunt Bonnie who lives in Montana. I no sooner got home from California than my cousin Kristi came and we headed over to Libby Montana to visit, have fun, watch movies, eat good food, laugh, look at old old photos, quilt, go to a lovely high tea put on by Lillian, enjoy my Aunts friends and fill our hearts with love for each other and prayers for good things for our family. I came home happy, filled with joy and thankful for my many blessings for those that I love-both family and friends.
Here I am at the High Tea with my dear Aunt Bonnie. She has been ill with lung cancer lately but she is a tornedo of things she is doing and planning and she is working on a lovely 4th of July table piece as well as a Christmas wallhanging. She is positive, a gift to her friends and family, alot of fun to laugh with and reminice and just a joy in many ways.

Aunt Bonnie with her wonderful friend Lillian. Everyone should have a kind friend like this. Or, maybe you can be a friend to someone who needs you today.

Quilt sandwiches in our honor. All delicious and lovely. The nicest High Tea I have ever attended including ones at the Empress in Victoria. Lillian is gifted as a hostess, a cook and a friend.

Can you tell how beautiful the foods were that Lillian made for the High Tea at her home for my Aunt (who Lillian cooks for each day), my cousin Kristi from Seattle, myself and some lovely quilters and Lillian's friend who brought china for us to use.

Here is my darling and fun Aunt Bonnie in her favorite apron...she always looks great in red! She is the Matha Stewart of our family only nicer....

Beautiful scones, hand made bisquits with lemon curd and huckleberry butter, pean tassies, fruits of all kinds, salmon sandwiches, cucumber canapes, egg salad and bacon sandwiches, layered sanwich loaf,more I can't remember-Lillian is one wonderful cook and friend along with her friend Terry who provided rare tea ware to use....wonderful English stuff

Guests included a variety of animals with lovely eyes.

You have the feeling you are in Montana when the animals in the house have straw hats on for the High Tea....charming and fun!


Wendy_MT said...

Mary Lou, it looks like you had a wonderful time with wonderful people. Yea You!! I hope to be the friend others can count on. Libby is a beautiful area, my grandmother lived her life in Troy, not far away from Libby. Blessings to you ...

Sue said...

Hi, I am in Troy Montana visiting my Mom. Do you think I could visit your Aunt? I would love to tell her how wonderful you are...but then I am sure she knows that for herself. I hope we get to see each other soon....
Love you,

Do you know what Wendy MT 's grandmothers name was?