Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thinking about the Things that Matter and Memorial Day

The photo above is of my Grandchildren at a birthday party. There were lovely gifts one after one and before the party started my Granddaughter caught the ugliest bugs in a green pail that you have ever seen. She rushed through opening the gifts so she could get back to the pail of bugs. This really amused me as I thought about what might matter to us and how something you buy doesn't even measure up to a green pail of wriggly, icky bugs to a little kid. :0)
I have been thinking about my Dad this weekend and how he had a nervous breakdown during WWII. People always talk about the harm we see on the outside but what is on the inside is often more hurt or damaged than anyone knows. I know my Dad struggled with anything violent and this Memorial Day I am remembering him saying we should always respect those that gave their lives and service to make our lives better. I have so many uncles and aunts who served during the war and friends who died in Vietnam. Now a new generation of young men has to fight because others think violence is a way to get their own way.
I have often said I want to buy an island and let only people come on who want to get along in peace and enjoy life. I am always going to have rose colored glasses when it comes to thinking that most good people want what I want.
I am madly making blocks and enjoying the hoochy process. Mark is golfing and so I have the house to myself which rarely happens. It is so nice to crank up the tunes, reflect on remembering my folks and my family who have passed by and friends too. Many of my quilting friends have come down with illness's or that nasty breast cancer. I pray they find something soon to help rid the world of the grief that brings.
I was going through a bin of fabric and on the bottom was the most delicious colors and textures! Isn't it funny how you spend so long building a stash and once you do, you can't find alot of it because of space? Am I alone on this? And buttons! I never thought I would say I have too many but how in the world do you keep them where you know what you have? I want the house that is for sale down the street for a sewing house, wouldn't that be a dream come true? Your house stays a place to cook, rest and sleep and the house down the street is the place to mess up, dream up creations, take out your paints etc etc.I can dream can't I?
I hope you are having a good day and dreaming of fun things and remembering the people you still love who live on in your memories. Think about a story quilt!


beth said...

Those were good thoughts MaryLou! We could pool our resources for that sewing house. I'd love one too.

Pam said...

a sewing house with rooms upstairs for friends to visit???
or do you have room on that island?? that sounds good to me!! :))

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful thoughts for this holiday.
I would love a little house to hide in, too.