Thursday, May 20, 2010

LIBBY MONTANA, LEMON CURD RECIPE!,city of eagles and my wonderful Aunt and her friends.....

Libby Montana is called the city of Eagles-I remember going to Crystal Lake close to Libby and watching the many eagles soar...Libby is beautiful and it has so many charming qualities...especially the people who live there and support each other. My family has many roots in this place and it is nice to go and remember that. My Aunt took us to the cemetary to visit family and friends there. Lots of memories and oh so many ideas for story quilts.
Tea sets and flowers and a lovely time at Lillian's house in lovely Libby....

Offerings at the High Tea----wish I had some of those lemon tarts today!
Aunt Bonnie's Fab Lemon Curd Recipe
3 eggs, beaten
1 c sugar
1/4 c butter
2 lemons
Use juice of 2 lemons and the grated rind of 1 lemon.
Mix ingredients together and cook in double boiler, stirring constantly, until thick as honey.
Put in jars and tie down when it is cool

My plate at the High Tea-OK, I admit it, I took too much food...and ate it all. Anything homemade is wonderful and I get tired of restaurant food...I never thought I would ever say that.

If you read about the High Tea in Libby then you know about the tea sets. Here is a simple photo of some lovely pieces owned by Terry.

My Aunt Bonnie, Cousin Kristi and friend Lillian and I had a wonderful lunch at this restaurant before I drove home. For a good place to eat in Libby Montana, go here and be sure to order soup with whatever you order. It is delicious!


Sandi said...

What a lovely collection of teacups, tea pots, glassware and servers you enjoyed.

The goodies look good enough to enjoy through the computer screen.

Thanks for sharing your aunt's lemon curd recipe...isn't it the greatest!

Patty said...

Your Aunt Bonnie is charming. I only have one aunt left in the older generation now. She brings to mind many memories of special times past. The Tea you all shared looks delightfully scrumptious! Time with family is the best! Lemon is one of my favorites!

grandmarockton said...

WOW wish I could share

WoolenSails said...

All that wonderful and scrumptious looking food is making me hungry;) Wonderful tea sets.


Anna said...

Wow!!! I like that mini sewing machine!!!

Carol said...

How I enjoyed reading about your visit and high tea with your Aunt and cousin and friends in Libby, Montana. What fun and what a special memory, and quilt that will be! And the little cabin with the rusted out truck and the piano. Such a contrast, and reminder of how fleeting our time here can be. I also enjoyed tea with my Aunt Edie - She was delightful, and until you reminded me today, I was thinking of her passing as the end of a era. Not so! Instead, today I'll pick up some lemons, make lemon curd and start new traditions, sharing with neighbors and friends. Thanks, once again, Mary Lou for reminding me of what is most important in our lives~ hugs to you!