Saturday, May 29, 2010


So it is a chilly, rainy kind of dreary day. We took our Grandkids to go and see Shrek-so many good ideas for quilts in that film-the artwork is wonderful if you look close. Then we took the kids out to the river and dropped them off in the rain with their parents-they ran and got their bikes and joined other kids in the chilly weather, undetered. It was wonderful. No kid ever worries about the weather. A little girl had a new bathing suit she wanted to try out and she put it on over her sweats with a jacket. :0) Very attractive if you are four years old. :0)
I took many photos in Germany of colored things just for a lift sometimes to get color in my head. I thought I would share these. Remember to comment to get in on the drawing. Recipes are welcome by all of us.


Maree in NC :-) said...

More AWESOME pictures, Mary Lou! There are so many colorful inspirations everywhere we look if we'll just slow down long enough to actually see them! Especially love those red hands! :-)

Wish you could have snapped a photo of that little girl in her new bathing suit. So precious!!!

It has been hot and very muggy here today. Wish I could send you some of our heat, but I'm definitely sending y'all warmth from my heart! :~D

WoolenSails said...

I just love looking at thread in the store, so many beautiful colors and shades. We had sun and clouds today, so not too bad.


Sandy said...

Love this post! I just recently did a podcast episode on color and color inspiration and talked about all the places you can look to for ideas on how to combine colors. I've now linked a blog entry to this post as it's the perfect example. All those photos of vegetables--love them! Thanks so much. Sandy H (