Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sites and Sounds and More of What We Saw in Laconner and Lopez Island

So this week Mark and I went to see our friends the Pintlers and the Lattas of Lopez. Mark and I were both bushed so we stopped in LaConner Washington to spend the night and enjoy the sites...though we went to bed at about 5pm. Does that tell you how tired we were? We got up the next morning at 5am to catch the ferry. The weekend was short but with good friends it was fabulous. Beautiful scenery on the ocean, laughs with friends, dinner was steak, salmon and fresh crab and then Laurie made a peanut buster parfait pie for dessert. WOW. Another memory and more thoughts of how to lose those dreaded pounds and still enjoy her good food!

Lopez Saturday Market offers alot in the way of crafts and fresh produce. It is alot of fun to walk through and see what all is there. Happy people are all around.

Below is my friend Laurie who is a teacher (taught here in Spokane -advanced education) on the island to kindergarten kids and helps plan curriculum etc-she and her husband Kit thought they had retired when they moved to Lopez but Lopez had other ideas when they found out how talented they are-Kit is teaching Math to 6 grades. Anyway, this is a little girl who Laurie had in class and she is selling Laurie biscotti while Laurie sells raffle quilts-it's a win win!

The building below is the Laconner Quilt Museum. I will have a show there in April of old quilts new quilts and some things Mel and I did for the book-lots of space on the third floor for stuff to show to you. Hope you put it on your calendar.

Below is a whirleygig in front of the old Bunnies by the Bay in Laconner Washington on our way to the ferry and Lopez Island in the San Juans....

These are railings in front of "Hutch" studios -it used to be called Bunnies by the Bay and was darling and then they made the road in front of the fence 18" higher....it ruined the look sad to say....the idea is still cool though-Bunnies buuilding is next door-it is too tidy now in my opinion

Mark and I laughed at this "boat" at the top of the hill that you could rent in LaConner. I wonder what it looks like inside..


Sandi said...

I love going down to La Conner and checking out the Quilt Museum, when in April will your show be Mary Lou?

It is fun to go and look at the tulip and daffodils during the festival in the Spring. They have such wonderful shops in that town.

Will mark it in my next year diary to make a day trip down!

WoolenSails said...

Definitely an interesting place to visit and lots of inspiration for new quilts.