Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Maine serves up great beauty,Flower Power FUN and inspiration as well as Moxie

The story quilt above was made by Stephanie who lives outside of the state in Mass. I think. She took my story quilt class at Lowell Museum class I taught a couple of years ago. What fun this is and isn't the saying wonderful? This main character is Stephanie and if you look at her hand, she is holding one of those furniture tags that says "do not remove under penalty of law (etc)". I thought that was really fun and she has her red hat rockets in there along with her terriers. Great quilt that is going to have loads of embellishments once it is quilted. What is your story?
Moxie is a kind of pop or soda that Maine people love or don't love. I tried a bottle and set it next to my Bernina as I loved both of them. Bernina is my sewing machine of choice for sure. The pop tastes kind of like Dr.Pepper but not as strong and it has an undertone of lemon-I thought it was good.

The beginning of our Flower Power day-great girls in class with fun attitudes and ideas. I loved being with these lovely people-this is a great part of the country for super people who are quilters and otherwise.

The flowers and lady bugs of Maine using Flower Power books and some instruction

Below is the most talented 11 year old I have ever had in any of my classes- she did the bird to the right of her with the big tail...she was very talented and has a twin brother who does the ironing for she and her Mother when they sew-wouldn't we all love that?

This good looking group took my Flower Power class and made alot of blocks and progress in one day. Great fun for me and alot of laughter, clapping and creativity.

Below is Stephanie who did her own bird and used leaves for feathers (very nice job and texture)

A flying bird in progress...pretty colors and motion (I can see it already flying)

The quilt below got put together before the one day class was done and this student said it is the first time she has ever done that. She said she will add a border and finish it off. :0) No UFO's for her.


WoolenSails said...

It sounds like you had a good time in Maine, lots of wonderful pieces. I have been sick, so had to give up my plans to head up, would have loved to meet up with you.


SillyMama said...

Looks like a good time was had by all!

Sandi said...

What a gorgeous smile that 11 year old has, she looks like she will become quite a beauty in a few more years. To be so creative at such a young age is wonderful. Glad to hear her twin is supporting her hobby.

Can't wait for more photos!

GRACE said...

marylou, thanks for posting your maine photos. i had hoped to take your plaid class but alas my workshop card was full and could not. glad you enjoyed your visit...good thing you posted a lobster photo as that is a "requirement" for when one visits maine, that and LL Bean! i am a bostonian but live in maine, which is beautiful, even in winter.....

Anonymous said...

I Was at the flower power class - had a great time, but will definately not be a Moxie drinker - EVER!