Sunday, August 29, 2010

RoseHips for lovely color and also,,,,Unlike Any Post Office I have Ever Visited-Ask Sue Nickels-it was Strange but fun

I thought the rosehips color was unlike any I had seen in other places in the US- Maine had fabulous seascapes, floral colors, people, eating places and creativity! If you haven't been there you must go!

Sue Nickels stands outside the post office that we all said was one of the most interesting things we saw on our Maine trip-fun and weird and got alot of laughs and discussion in the car!
Do these windows look like any post office you have ever visited? It was like a store only it wasn't....I wonder how many people miss the post for a closeup look!
Below Jeanne is looking at all of the "stuff" on the backroom where the mail guy processes the mail. It was unbelievable what was back there and I didn't take any photos because I didn't want to hurt his feelings. Sue Nickels took these photos.....
See the old mail boxes...the guy had one speed....slower than molasses and so alot of customers who were in line just left.....though there was plenty to look at including a photo of him in the back where he was a young man...very handsome and sweet he had it back there.Here I am ready to hand this guy in the backroom my package-the temp in there was about 100 degrees or more and the man was about 100 years old. He had "stuff" everywhere like an old antique shop except that the things were more like old collectibiles and things his wife might have made....EVERYWHERE along with the cob webs and spider webs and dust....he was really sweet though and kind of happy that we took photos. :0) Our hostess was Jeanne and I think the town was Augusta Maine ....although it may have been Portland Maine. Click on the photos to get a closer look,,,it is funny and surreal. By the way, I was mailing kids books and fabic home....I always do that, I can't stop myself from looking! Oh and a birthday present for my Granddaughter too.


WoolenSails said...

It is funny how there are still some old time post offices around. We had one in a house, where I grew up and it had the old metal boxes.


Reena said...

Once again an inspiration filled stop by at your wonderful blog Mary Lou! Thanks for the close ups of the selvedges- how special were the ones that were all Mary Lou ones!
Keep smiling Mary Lou!

Queen Bee said...

How fun is that post office?!? And it is fun to see two of my favorite teachers together Mary Lou. I took a machine quilt class from Sue up at Sisters many years ago. And I still can't believe she got me to quilt a big feather motif!