Saturday, August 07, 2010


I hope this Portland Light house shows just how beautiful this place is....

Below is where you could sit to eat lobster and enjoy the sun and the seagulls who want your food....we ate indoors.

My dinner at the lobster shack

Here is one of the guys we ate on our lobster sandwiches-he was tasty alright-Maine lobster is wonderful.

A darling shop that jeanne took Sue and I to-right on the Atlantic Ocean.

This sign was where we went to order McDonalds Cokes-they could not answer you back because of a noise ordinance- so basically you pulled up to the window and the guy said he couldn't hear you but it was against the law to talk on the order box-this is in Portland Maine. Weird.

I got permission to take this photo and look at this little kids spelling-isn't this the cutest and sweetest message?

Here I had my chance to draw on the wall at LLBean along with the

Huge huge boot at LLBean- very fun for everyone

Door handles at LLBean where the store is open 24 hours a day every day of the year-no locks on any door. Cool place!

This Indian was huge and it reminded me of childhood trips in the car to South Dakota when I prayed that God would turn me into an Indian_I loved the colors, the symbols and the beauty of their culture-I am still Irish and Norweigen/Swedish-my prayers did work.

I have a whole new appreciation for light houses now

How is this for a cool business name???

I love the imagery of this and wanted it in a future quilt...isn't this neat?


Karen in Tucson said...

So happy you loved the lobster - have been eating them for years! Now I will have to get to Red Lobster and have a steamed one! Sadly, they are now required to cut and wash them - no more great green stuff!

I, too, wanted to be an Indian and was always the Indian on the farm when we and friends and cousins played. I had bow and arrows and I did have cap pistols, boots, hat a and all so I could do both!

Love the photos! Karen

Sandi said...

Wonderful pictures of a lovely place to visit Mary Lou. Isn't it interesting how different lighthouses can be.

YankeeQuilter said...

This posting makes me so homesick for New England...

WoolenSails said...

Isn't that funny, I wanted to be an indian too.
Of course I didn't comprehend the fact, that I had to be born that way, lol.

You hit some great spots in maine and eating outside is the best with lobster. Love the mermaids, I have that theme in my bathroom, still need to make more, but hard to find antique mermaid items.


Nancy said...

We just got home from Maine, too! It's a wonderful place. Did not coincide with the quilt show, but had a wonderful time anyway. Looks like you did, too. I have some pics on my blog as well. And will be adding more. Glad you had a good trip.

SillyMama said...

Thanks for all the fun Maine photos. Love the scenery!

Terry said...

What a fun trip you had! Someday I hope to travel there.

Lynda Milligan said...

Hey Mary Lou,
You should make a Hoochy Mama lighthouse block! Thanks for sharing memories of your trip.