Sunday, August 08, 2010

"There are NO bad Grandma's! says Charlotte's Grandson

This darling quilt was done by Charlotte Lorenzo who is coming for my retreat all the way from Florida in two weeks. :0) She did a story quilt about her Grandson and how she had forgotten his birthday or something like that and she said to him "am I a bad Grandma?" And he said "there are no bad Grandma's." Isn't this the perfect idea for a story quilt and since Charlotte has made many story quilts and has such fun stories along with her Sister Laura (the Webb sisters) she will have ideas for many more. If you haven't done a story quilt, perhaps you want to plan one.
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I designed a stork quilt for my book Quilted Memories and many people have done their own stork quilt, just like this darling one. Great job! Charlotte took this idea one step gurther and designed her own ideas for her own kids,Grandkids and Great Grand daughter. It is hard to believe she is so young and can have a great Grandchild. What fun and smiles this quilt evokes and it is a memory her Great Granddaughter will own for years to come.


WoolenSails said...

Both fun pieces and special for the makers and recipients. I am still thinking, lol.


Kim D. said...

What fun quilts, both are very sweet.

Em said...

What a wonderful life you live meeting such fun creative people! I giggled when I saw the pic of the cupcake wine because I had posted months back on my blog, so fun isn't it? Smiles to you, Miss Mary Lou! btw, i was so tickled when i saw you in Quilted newsletter!