Thursday, August 26, 2010

Martha Turner Sends Photos of Quilts Made from Class and After

MaryLou - Though you might enjoy seeing these from the class in Austin last year.- I didn't make borders like you suggested - used French braid on this one, regular flyning gees on the second and just strips on the third. I like this one and the bad quilt but not the Antartica one. Thanks for coming and giving us a class.
Martha Turner

I think all three of these quilts are just wonderful in so many ways. Now she has three stories to last for years and yards about events in her life and people who counted to her. She "got" the idea of making story quilts so that she will have diary pieces about her life. Didn't she do a great job? How do you like those colorful birds in the first one? Wonderful!


WoolenSails said...

Her quilts are so fun and it is nice to see quilts that the students have finished.


Kim D. said...

Those are adorable quilts! Thanks for sharing.

dj said...

Mary Lou, I'm a fellow quilter/blogger who regularly reads your wonderful blog. I have a quilt designed in the back of my head of a little town with darling homes in it. I would like your permission to copy your photo of the Lanconner Quilt Museum to my collection of darling old homes, so I may replicate it on a quilt someday. I can be reached at or