Thursday, September 02, 2010

Libby Montana Provides a Chance to Create Something New-Mary Lou Dog Booties!

Tha main story here is that I went to visit my Aunt in Libby Montana. She has a love of golden retrievers like no other person. Her friends brought over a little boy dog and a little girl dog. I want to surprise my husband when I got back to Spokane but since he is allergic to animals, I decided against it. I adore Kitties and puppies!
My Aunt's friend has a darling golden retriever who comes to visit and Meg, the dog has sharp nails on her paws so she uses paw socks. Well, my Aunt asked me to find some fabric in Spokane to make new socks for the dog. My Aunt said "why don't you find some "Mary Lou" fabric and bring it over. Well, no one loves polka dots more than I do, so I bought some fabric with dots and used the old paw socks for a pattern and Joila! Instant (well sort of) socks. I had never used velcro. The sticky tape stuff got on the needle and that was kind of tough but it was fun! I hope Meg likes them!
Below is my Aunts best friend, cook and nurse Lillian. The family loves Lillian because she makes us all special meals when we come and visit. She spoils everyone who knows her and we love her for it.
I would like to say one more thing for you to think about. My Mother who passed away about a year ago would invite me over when she was sick and I would lay on her bed and we would talk about life and what was important and memories she had forgotten. Those are the best times of my life with her-it was so wonderful. This week I laid on my Aunts (temperpedic and wonderful) bed and we talked about what mattered to God, what makes life wonderful, old memories and things that made us laugh. It was such a nice experience. if you are close to someone it sure is nice to sit and share like that and it is something you will always remember. I hope you get to experience this with a friend or a relative.
Loving someone whether you are related or not, is such a nice way to spend time and it is what life is really about.
Lillian is below loving the little puppy and wondering if she should bring one home to her 7 year old Meg (the golden retriever). Time will tell on whether she does or not....


WoolenSails said...

Fun booties, my dog needs some of those.
I do believe that sharing with older people, is a wonderful way to share time together.


Patty said...

Very nice post...and I do love the booties.

Sharon S said...

That is the sweetest picture of you Auntie with those puppies. Love all around! glad you have this special time with her.

Sandi said...

what a lovely picture of your aunt with the puppies, something to treasure for a long time to come.

Thanks for sharing that special moment with us Mary Lou.

Stay well.

Maree in NC :-) said...

What a blessing for both you and your dear aunt that y'all had that very special time together!!! Mary Lou, you are an ANGEL!!!

Those puppies are so cute!

Kim D. said...

Adorable pups, being from the cold north I've made a few of those booties myself. They sure come in handy when it gets cold.