Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WOW, Dancing with the STARS,American Idol and the Dodgers Game

It isn't what you know but who you know. I would not ever get the chance to go to any of these wonderful events if not for good friends. It is late and I have lots of details to tell you about but I am going to bed because I am tired. But I will give you a couple of tidbits until I can get to the nearest computer. I leave for San Diego in the morning and plan to get to my room and sleep and rest and sew before I teach. :0)
So here is the word on American Idol. The word TINY. You cannot believe how teeny all of the dancers are. The guy who is dancing with Pamela Anderson looks only a little bigger than my Grandson who is 8. Imagine a ten year old -I am not trying to be funny. They put him in these shirts that he doesn't tuck in....he is teeny and smaller than Louie who is teeny too but a smidge larger. Pamela Anderson is small! She has a perfect body really and is like a little Barbie doll. I do not know anyone who is as little as these people. The black comedienne Nessie looks heavy on tv right? She is about a size 8 and absolutely stunning in her face (beautiful) in person. It is so amazing. She is busty but if you saw her in person you would not think she was fat. Depressing.
We talked to the costume designer and his favorite dress was Kate's and he liked Evan's sparkly collar that he said looked like volcano flames shooting out. I looked and ok, if he says so.Kate did not smile much and I thought she would go this week although the soap guy was not very good. The costume designer said that he never used more than a quarter yard of fabric for the Russian girl that was his partner and she was his muse.
He told us other things and I will tell you but I am too tired to write the details.
American Idol was the nest night and it was totally different and fun. Some of those people had awesome strong voices. My favorite guy is teeny (again). My favorite girl was Crystal and she has so much strength in her voice. I think Simon is trying to get rid of any of the young kids. He looked more normal size. If you live and work down here, you are small. If you live in the Northwest, Mid-west, eat hot dogs and mac and cheese, enjoy sitting and quilting, you won't be invited to dance or sing.....everyone seems to be teeny except for Big Mike on Idol.
Went to the Dodger's game tonight and those guys are big compared to anyone else who is popular here. And I saw some heavy people eating a dodger dog like we did. We had front two seats behind the dugout. WOW. Very cool and the Dodger Stadium is beautiful. Blue is now my favorite sports team color I think. My husband wasn't very impressed about Idol or Dancing as I don't think he watches the shows but I called him from the Dodger game and he was really impressed. I bought him a hat and he is a happy guy. :0)
One last thing about the Dancing show-the dresses are incredible....really fabulous in person!!! Jewelry that matches and hair bows etc....and lots of bronzer and makeup. Kate didn't smile much did I say that. Derek is always smiling and waving. He is so cute! Brooke Burke is small with HUGE breasts...and beats Pamela Anderson by far.
I have more to tell you and will when I get the chance.
I bought some incredible fabric at Michael Lavines today....such fun!
See you girl in San Diego in a couple of days! Very fun. And I will be seeing the retreat girls soon too!
Stay tuned for more stories about Hollywood.....


Aunt Mary said...

My goodnes!!! What Fun!!! Makes coming to Aunt Mary's look pretty boring!!

shellysquilts said...

Hey Marylou, Luv hearing about your Dancing with the Stars adventure. How exciting! It is one of the few shows I actually watch on tv. I'm just sorry Aiden was voted off instead of Kate. Have a great time California! Happy story quilting!

WoolenSails said...

Sounds like you had a great time and need some rest before your class, so make sure you don't overdo it.
I love Crystal too, she sings my kind of music, I love Joan Baez.


Maree in NC :-) said...

WOW, Mary Lou, how incredibly exciting this is!!! You surely will have an awesome story quilt to come from this trip!!! :~D Can't wait to hear even more details!!!

Happy Hoochy Hollywood Hugs,
Maree in NC :~D

Aunt Mary said...

Jeepers! what fun!!! It will make your next trip to Aunt Mary's look pretty boring!!!