Monday, April 26, 2010

No Thanks, I'll Walk

As someone who travels alot, I like yellow cabs. My daughter, daughter in law and two of their friends just went on a cruise to Mexico. She sent me photos to enjoy. I looked at this Mexican Cab or possibly this is the cab inspectors or the Grand Poobah's of the cabs around town ( I am not sure) and it reminded me of a couple of times when I got into cars that I should not have.
I got into a cab once in Chicago that wasn't yellow and it was two Russian men who were drunk and celebrating since one of them was getting married the next day. We ran a toll booth and I prayed the whole way I would get where I was going. To these two gentlemen in the white volkswagon,I would say "it's a lovely day for a stroll, thanks anyway I'll walk. Comments?


Patty said...

OH My Goodness! YOU did that.... Thanks for the giggly tears in my eyes this foggy morning!! I keep thinking how much FUN the retreat is going to be! I'm looking forward to pictures. Sometime soon a retreat with you will work in to my schedule.

Karen said...

I have to say that having been to China and riding in a cab over there, these two gentleman look as if they may have studied cab driving in China! The amazing part is that with relatively non-existent road rules, the accidents are surprisingly few! Still, it is easier to close your eyes so your foot doesn't go through the floor trying to press an imaginary brake pedal!

WoolenSails said...

I don't think I have ever been in a cab.
But there is no way I would get in a cab/car with two guys and not know what company they worked for;)


Sandi said...

When I went to S.E. Asia with my mom in 1988 we were waiting for a car to take us to the airport in Jakarta; the hotel mess up and we missed the car and they had to put us in a cab.

The traffic there is amazing and very busy with no signal lane changes...I finally just hunkered down in my seat, shielded my eyes from the traffic and just kept breathing and say a few prayers we would make it to the airport in one piece and hopefully on time.

We did! Never rent a car and drive yourself in that area of the world if you want to tell tales of your adventures.

Sandi in New Westminster B.C.