Sunday, April 11, 2010


Below is an exceptional photo of Molly who looks lovely as oppsed to my photo. The nice news is that Molly and I will be at Dancing with the Stars Monday night (tomorrow) and we will be in the audience of American Idol the next night. So, I plan to make the best of it and really enjoy the loud music and the outfits and the energy. Can't wait to tell you the details when I get home. I will be teaching In San Diego this coming weekend for Canyon Quilters and hope to see some of you there!
I asked Molly to send me photos of her sewing doll made by Tasuti Zoo. It is so cute and I am not sure the photo will show how cute she is but I am going to try. They make the coolest stuff! Hope your week goes well and you enjoy the sunshine and hang around with someone who is positive. :0) Be a positive light to someone else too.

I hesitate to put this lovely photo of Mari's quilt on this blog. I look like Jobba the Hut but hey, the quilt is so wonderful I had to show you! Now I am going to buy 4boxes of X-lax and see if it helps (just kidding)

Below everyone is looking at quilts and studying what makes a super story quilt! This was a great group of ladies...I so enjoyed the people in both classes there this year! Asilomar is the place to make lifetime friends...

Below at the bottom is Nancy who did a quilt about her twin daughter's at the beach....above, you can see this awesome quilt....isn't it great? Below this statement is Patty who is Nancy's friend and has a great stash!


WoolenSails said...

I hope you have fun at the shows. I do watch american idol. Love seeing your classes and the quilts.


jan said...

You do not look like jabba the hut!! You are very funny though.. you are a beautiful lady and I love your blog. Have fun in the sunny south.

Barb said...

I never miss "Dancing with the Stars" ~ how lucky you got to see it in person... and I love that doll in the first two pics. Just amazing.

Anna said...

Hello, I just ran into your blog, and I decided to stay. :)
I love your blog, your creations.
You are very talented.
I also love the Scriptures on your blog.
God bless,