Friday, April 09, 2010

Living Through Other People's Experiences

I often love to listen to people when they tell me about where they go, what they see, their Grandkids, their finds at flea markets or tag sales, fabrics they find at a new quilt shop they hadn't visited before, new seeds or plants for their gardens, funny experiences know, girl talk! Del Thomas always sends me good letters that are short with something fun to read and I have a list of friends who live far from me that feed my creativity and curiosity.
Last month Mel McFarland visited Paris (I commented on this earlier). She sent me two wonderful photos of cookies and also the richest most decadent hot chocolate ever. Can't you just taste this from the photo???
I have never had chocolate like this but can imagine it. I bought the movie "Chocolat" when it came out because the book was so good. And by coincidence, I went to France for 3 weeks shortly after that. I walked into a Chocolate shop and said something about being excited because of the movie. The French lady shook her head back and forth and said "the French did not like that movie." I didn't ask why. What could be bad about a French town, darling characters and chocolate? But then again, some of us love a book or movie and others don't and that's ok. Hope you enjoyed these photos, I sure did! These deserve a story quilt!

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