Sunday, April 04, 2010

Hey, It's Easter...

Just got home from sunrise service at the Mission which is on the river. The service was held outside under the trees and you could watch the birds fly and see the flow of the river all with a 35 degree temperature. I took my gloves that are warm, a blanket and I had on fancy tennis feet froze with the grass under them. But as usual it was a wonderful service and they had a guy 36 who told about the breakdown of his family and being beat up at seven over and over by people his Mother moved into the house and how at 13 he was a drug addict and alcoholic and how he went through life hating himself and ruining the lives of people he got into relationships with. In Louisiana someone told him the Mission in Spokane could help him learn to love himself again and he has been sober and happy for 18 months now. He was very sweet. Then a woman told about how she started drinking at the age of 45 and became an instant alcoholic. She was beautiful and said she had a gorgeous home, fabulous car, clothes, jewelry etc. She lost it all to alcohol and she said she too hated herself. She was living under the bridge in Spokane and someone told her about the women's part of the Mission and she thought "hey, it has to be better than living under a bridge." She said their love and caring made her learn to love herself again and quit drinking. She said she has learned to pay it forward and she is helping others that were in her spot. Both speakers were good and then the guy who is the minister there did a short sermon. Many people I know, know this man personally and I have heard about him for years. The talk he gave was the best Easter sermon I have ever heard.Usually you know what they are going to say but not this time. No wonder they hired him. He was just magnetic and so good.
So, we came home and Mark quickly left the house to go and watch a hockey tournament held here that our son in law is in (he is the goal tender). My daughter was going to come with her kids for brunch but they had croupe this week and they are still sick. So, we will have a simple meal, and enjoy the day.
Last night we had a lovely dinner with my daughter in law's family and there was an egg hunt and just alot of good old enjoying each other. Very nice.
I have so much to be thankful for.Glad I have a little time to sew today. Mark has to be at work at 5pm, so I will be home and sewing and thinking about my many blessings. I am going to be in San Diego next week and that is always so much fun. NICE people there, sunshine, good guacamole and Rosie's which has cheaper prices on their fabrics and a huge selection. Not that I need one more inch of fabric but that never stops me.
I hope you are having a nice day for Easter or that you celebrated Passover if you are not a Christian or had a nice week. Easter has always provided me with nice memories of egg hunts, family, spring colors and church. I have always loved this holiday and hope you do too.
Mary Lou


Sandi said...

Mary Lou,

What a wonderful story to share with us all this Easter, thank you and thanks to both the people who shared their stories with you.

Enjoy your day sewing and have fun in San Diego it is always a fun place to visit.

Sandi in New Westminster B.C.

WoolenSails said...

It sounds like a wonderful service for Easter and it truly makes us appreciate what we have. We had a nice day with the kids and now I am resting and working on a cross stitch.


The little book of Nessie said...

It is wonderful to hear how people can change their lives with some help and belief in them that they can do it.

Happy Easter. Regards, Nessie

Patty said...

I also have happy memories of Easters past! Now that the children all are far away we still get together with the sisters, brother, and our nephew..I love traditions!
Sounds like your feet were really cold at sunrise, Burr! but worth it.

I have spring break this week and will travel down to Rosies too! Would be happy to be there at the same time you are! Big smile!

beth said...

Thanks for sharing your easter story. What a blessing. I liked your comment about not needing another "inch" of fabric. Cute!!

Maree in NC :-) said...

What a blessing to attend that special Easter service, and how wonderful the mission is helping so many people!!!

Nancy-Jane said...

Wonderful post. ~Nancy

Reena said...

The mission story made my eyes tear up Mary Lou- thanks. Reena SD CA