Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Walking Hollywood offer Alot to the Imagination-It's Creative and Sometimes downright Creepy

These sayings were on the walk way of the Mall below (scroll down)-I thought many of them were very funny. Love the impact of words, don't you?

King Kong is at this wax museum...thought this was a fun photo. Poor Faye Ray.

So this is Grauman's theatre in Hollywood. In front of the theatre are all of these stars that have signed things in the cement and it is wonderful to see people from the 20's and 30's who wrote things. This was a place that was fun to visit and spend time. Lots of history that was interesting.

I had never been to the walk of stars. The stars goes for blocks and there is plenty of room for more. Some of them are really beat up! There are alot of people I don't consider know what I mean. All along the street there are people dressed like Michael Jackson, Yoda, Cat woman, super man, the Mario brothers etc., that want you to get your photo with them for money. Can you imagine going down there every day like a job? It is a place where reality isn't. But it is fun to people watch.

I thought this wall to the entrance of the Mall was lovely. Lots of $$$ went into this place.

Only in Hollywood would you have an elephant (there were others too) overlooking a small mall. Our city is being cheated (haha). This mall is on the other side of Grauman's Chinese theatre. If you go there get a Delush smoothie...we got the strawberry and banana one and drank every drop. It must not have been low cal it was too good.

A beautiful view of Hollywood hills and such a lovely day that God provided too.

I saw the sign above and just thought it would be great for any quilt for could have such possibilities with a little imagination. Don't you think???? Looking at things around you always provides such good imagination.

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Sandi said...

Great photos Mary Lou, what wonderful inspiration for some quilts.

Sandi in New Westminster B.C.