Saturday, April 24, 2010

Color You Can Expect at Mary Lou's Retreat this coming Weekend! Plus An Opportunity in Northern California Quilter's Escape

So this coming weekend 20 of you are coming to Spokane and then taking a three day workshop from me in lovely Post Falls at the Art Center. It is my first ever retreat. Phew, lots of lists and thinking. I have lots of tricks up my sleeve and a few girls have taken many workshops and are bringing their latest work to show off. I cannot wait to share the patterns and colors with you.
AND If you live close to Northern California (or not), I am doing a story quilt class for and will be showing some of my latest stuff to girls in the class. Wouldn't you love to do a story quilt about YOU and someone you love and your collections and thoughts in the form of a quilt????
I have asked my students for next weekend to bring some stratas and so I thought I could show just some of the ones I have put together. I have plenty more to show you and then show you what to do with them! Can wait to start the fun. Hope I see you either in Idaho or California! Color does rock doesn't it?


Sandi said...

Hi Mary Lou,

You must be tuned into my esp because I was going to e-mail you and ask some questions about the stata and I come to your blog and here I find some wonderful examples.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Sandi in New Westminster, planning her strata as I type.

Kathy said...

Are you going to be teaching on the east coast any time in the future??

Kathy C said...

It looks like "Strata - mania" - Your retreat will be great!

Michele said...

Color, wonderful, fabulous, color! What better reason to quilt/sew than to be able to play with all that color? If we wore it all at the same time we'd look kinda clownlike, but ohhhhhh we can do it with quilts! Love you and your stuff, Michele

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful colors and fabrics. I always love to see what the students make in your classes, it looks like so much fun.


Duff said...

HI! just found your crazy cute blog and it is over-the-top with inspiring projects! I'm excited to scroll through all the back posts!