Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mary Lou Visits Hollywood with Friends and Imagines FUN Quilts

So I have many photos to show you from my adventure from last week beginning in Hollywood and ending up in San Diego. No wonder tourists love these places! Hollywood is something else and so are the people-a great source for quilt ideas!
If you ever get to the LA area and want an excellent wonderful place to eat, Mo's is the place. The food is beautiful and delicious.

Below is Ellen and Peggy who met me at the airport with Molly. We are waiting for Molly to get the rental car and we are all giddy with excitement as that night we get to see Dancing with the Stars. Ellen just had her 80th birthday and this was a gift to her from Molly. Ellen is a hoot and Peggy is a doll. Both are excellent quilters. :0) They live in Sacramento.

We took a quick trip to downtown LA and got some snaps of the Hollywood sign. It was a beautiful day and I was all excited about Dancing with the Stars and American Idol the next night. There are a couple of things I did not mention about these. Before the show, they take away your cameras (go through your purse) and your cell phones and any food you have. Right before they start filming someone goes up and down each aisle with a cup and tells everyone to spit out their gum into the cup. There are body guards with every star and they stare into the audience meanly. They are all bald with shaved heads....what is up with that? The weird thing about American Idol is that someone sings a song, they stop and announce "three minutes" and then the judges get up and walk out and then they do a countdown of time and when it hits 30 seconds, the judges come in and sit down. Then someone sings and then they walk out again and it starts all over. They do this with every song...it is weird. Ellen's Girlfriend Porcia is flat as a pancake and has 0 bodyfat....I have never seen such a skinny girl. Probably one of the biggest things was that three members from Glee were there...did the one guy look like high school? NO....he is 27 and looks 30 something. But he does a good job on tv. I watched the Madonna special and it was good. Those people can sing! I heard you can get free tickets to both Idol and also Dancing with the Stars if you write but you will have to wait about a year to get them. Nice people sitting around us.

Breaksfast of champions- a hot latte and some biscotti. This bakery in LA was wonderful and we ordered large bowls of fruit that had everything good in it. Note Molly's pretty manicure...my nails are plain broken and look like they need a nice maniucure and some lotion. Note there is no photo.

I could have taken hundreds of photos of all of the lovelt flowers in bloom in both LA and San Diego. That sunshine does something great for everyone...lots of smiles and my it felt good just to sit out there and bask in the warmth and feel that vitamin D hit your soul


Sandy said...

All of those details for American Idol....who would have thought???
Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Seeing the HOLLYWOOD sign reminded me of the tour I was on. The tour host said the letters were 3 stories tall. Would you believe it?!


Carol said...

Thanks so much for sharing all of the lovely hi-lights of your trip! So much fun to see you pictured with Peggy and Ellen - 2 very special gals from my favorite guild and quilt shop - and Molly. Always such fun to see her at guild. And I also see Molly sometimes when I shop at Quilters Corner.