Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Retirement Home for Quilters/Sewers and Crafters-they adore Christmas time!

I found this photo in a group that Mel took and sent must have been hanging at a show somewhere. I am not sure where.
If you click on this photo you can get a better look- lots of gems and embellishments too!
Sheesh, I wonder why this looks so small? Anyway, like all pieces we work on, we begin them and then they develop. This quilt started out as a castle and ended up being the Quilter's retirement home as I worked on it longer. There is the Royal Stash for all of us where we put our fabrics...the door hardly shuts and we have two guards to watch that no one takes anything they shouldn't. There is an applique lady, a machine piecing lady, a Grandmother, a vavavoom girl looking over the edge and a guy falling off a tree trying to get in. The only men allowed in are the ones who sew, rip out, lift heavy objects and bring groceries to the kitchen. Now the lady in the front door is the most interesting. She doesn't like sewing or quilting or crafts. She loves to cook and bake and everyone there tells he how fabulous she is and how much they love her cooking and baking. They all tell her how they don't like sewing, quilting and crafting because we need her as the cook! I think I have it pretty well planned, now all we need is someone to give us a castle somewhere. THIS was fun!
Under the bridge is a mote and there is a mermaid, a troll, fish and at the end of the bridge is Cinderella's quilter is going to go and look for her but maybe the troll might. The troll is my Grandkids favorite part...they didn't know what a troll was before this quilt. See kids can learn from these too


Duff said...

Who is under the draw bridge with the fish? I love Rapunzel's hair!!

WoolenSails said...

That is a fun piece and a great idea for a challenge. The perfect place to live and create.

Love your new fabric line. I do have some brighter plaids and stripes, so this is the year, I start using my stash to create art pieces.