Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Christmas Quilt and the Joy Young Children Bring to Life!

My daughter phoned this morning to ask me to send a Christmas quilt to their house for their wall. I grabbed a quilt I did about our family and how my husband and I always disagreed on the tree-I wanted bigger-he wanted smaller. It is a fun little story quilt and maybe an inspiration to YOU!

I did this quilt a long time ago and though my techniques have changed I still love it as much as ever....

OK, the words are "God Bless Us Everyone"
I didn't know how to make "S's" at the time...consider this Folk Art,ok?
Also anytime I get a pin for a gift, it goes on this quilt! Great use of pins for Christmas!

I bought my three Granddaughters pink feather trees for their bedrooms and I buy them new ornaments every year-pretty fun!
FOO FOO Christmas.

Below is a photo of my daughter's tree and next to this is a photo of Mary Lou (my grand-daughter) who is moving the Nativity people around so it "looks like the box". So cute.

I love these little photos because they are of my two year old Grandson. Bo loves several things-he wants to be like his Dad (who hunts) so he wears a camo hat (a must), colored glasses, a pencil behind his ear (his Dad builds alot of things and has a pencil behind his ear), and a towel for a cape because Superman is his hero next to his Dad. He is a darling and I love going over to their house to see what is new.


WoolenSails said...

She will love that quilt, a wonderful memory for her.
Christmas is always so fun and magical when kids are young.


Terry said...

Loved that feather tree. . .what a memory maker for your grandkids!

em's scrapbag said...

Your quilt is fabulous and I love the foo foo tree. Making me smile oh so big!

Mari L said...

Okay , Mary Lou, what does the tree say? I think it says God Bledd ud but am I seeing the letter incorrectly?

Maree in NC :-) said...

LOVE these photos!