Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Quilts By Friends of Mary Lou's-Each One Quite Wonderful!

I have a passion for yoyo's. I don't know why, maybe the texture and also what it looks like once you make it from a fabric. All different and all wonderful. I got this photo from Nancy who came to my retreat. She always sends me great things to think about, ponder over and learn from. It is really nice to have someone share good wisdom with you. Do you know what I mean? I think this quilt would be lovely anywhere and on a wall behind a bed would be fabulous. Great job Nancy, I love this quilt! I think the quilting really enhanced the beauty of this quilt too! Ny the way the link on the right is from Nancy. If it doesn't make you smile, then the cold weather has gotten to you. It is beautiful and fun to see the children.
Below- A long time ago I had the pleasure of teaching at Tandy's in Greensboro. It is a great shop and everyone there is a pip and they have a latte stand right in the store. Dor a girl from Washington, this was heaven. We played around with hoochy piecing and this week I had Barbara send me the quilt she made from the class. I LOVE the embellishments with that fabric! I might also say that if You live in North Carolina, you probably know about the Brown's Mountain lights. Randy told me all about this and I have wanted to do a quilt about it ever since. That was a neat trip because I rented a car and drove all over that area and it is fabulous. Boone was especially pretty and I ended up at Jonesborough and got to shop at Tennessee Quilts. They have a great website if you haven't ever looked at it and their choices of fabric are fab! Thank you Barbara!
The quilt below was made my one of my best friends Kathy Collins. I sent her a box of my new fabrics and she mailed me back two or three great quilts. She has a great imagination and is smart and fun. I am excited that in about 6 weeks my new fabricline from Benartex will be out and people will have some really pretty and fun fabric to make great things with!
The darling little smile box was at Market and they had a fat quarter of each of my fabrics tucked inside. Note that the houses have the fun quilters in the windows. And since snow is on some of our minds, wouldn't that black fabric with turquoise dots make a great sky for snowmen, skiers or ice skaters in a quilt? Yup


WoolenSails said...

The yoyo quilt is amazing, beautiful fabrics and workmanship.


Sandi said...

Kathy did a wonderful job showing off your new line.

I can't wait to get some of the black with coloured polka dots!

Maree in NC :-) said...

AWESOME quilts! My 7 year old granddaughter has loved making yo yos since she was teeny tiny and she'll love seeing these!

Oh, Mary Lou, did you know that Randy's has closed?

Anytime you want to come back to NC, just let me know and I'll be your personal "tour guide". LOL

Maree in NC :-) said...

Kathy, you did a fabulous job with Mary Lou's new fabrics! Love the quilters in the windows! :-)

Mary Lou Weidman said...

I didn't know Randy's closed but I knew he had been ill. Is there a shop there at all now? Maree someday we will have to go to Boone. They have the BEST Christmas stollen in the world.

Rebecka said...

Love the yo-yo quilt. So colorful. The shop hop quilt is really cute. I like the smile box!

Terry said...

That yoyo quilt is so bright and happy!

Maree in NC :-) said...

Yum ~ I'd absolutely LOVE to enjoy Christmas stolen with you in Boone someday! :-) It's supposed to snow up there tomorrow, so maybe we should wait until Spring. :-P LOL

There are a few other shops in that area, but not where Randy's was.

Linzee said...

Love Nancy's yo yo quilt! Maybe I'll go back to making them, in fabrics I actually like, and make a quilt like it.

And the shop hop quilt is adorable, too!