Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Stolen Quilt Gets Remade With Great Results.

Here is Charlotte's quilt that she had to remake from scratch when her quilt was stolen last year in my Story Quilt Class. This quilt is about her beloved brother who died of AIDS. It has all of his favorite things in there and is a nice and lasting memory of someone she loved and wanted memorialized. Who could you be remembering in a quilt today?
Great job Charlotte! I love the subject and the colors! NOTE-she used my alphabet fabric from the Grandma line. If you want some of that fabric reprinted to do your own names etc., write to . Charlotte,You overcame the sadness of your quilt being taken and your new quilt is lovely. A pox on whoever stole you first quilt! Can you imagine?
Also, I am on my way to LA today to work on my new book and then will meet friends In Tahoe for painting fun and Red Hut adventures. I hope to teach in Tahoe next year for those of you who live fairly close. Stay tuned! I want to thank those of you who commented on my blog this week. It makes it worth the time away from my applique and embellishing.


beth said...

thanks for sharing Charlotte's quilt! it's fun to see it finished...and so cute!

Shirley said...

Love the quilt Charlotte remade, how awfull someone stole the original.

WoolenSails said...

What a wonderful quilt and a wonderful way to remember her brother. I cannot believe someone would steal it, that is sad.

I have been gathering ideas and came up with another one today, so will be fun seeing what I come up with. I would like to do one of my dad, he told me wonderful stories and we shared many of our own, so thinking of doing it in blocks, now I have to figure out how to plan it and sizes, I would want.


Maree in NC :-) said...

Charlotte, your quilt is awesome! I'm sure that Charlie would be very proud of you! :-)

Hope that you have a great trip to LA and Tahoe, Mary Lou! Can't wait to hear more about your next book and your latest adventures! :-)

Mrs Moen said...

I'm speachless, who would steal such a personal and heartfelt quilt from a class?! Good for her making another one!

Kathy C said...

Remember how the Asilomar "powers-that-be" tried to convince us that a raccoon stole Charlotte's first quilt. Ha! That was just too funny. Those Asilomar raccoons sure are quilting aficionados! Great job Charlotte

Anonymous said...

Hello Mary Lou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for the positive happy blog you give us. I just love how I always feel uplifted after checking in to see what you have added!



The little book of Nessie said...

What a wonderful quilt! Charlotte's quilt is a credit to her and a lovely memory of her brother Charlie. That wicked person may have stolen the first quilt but could not steal what was in Charlotte's heart. Regards, Nessie