Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The photo above is of Clay who owns Clay's Corner. It is a real adventure going there for a coke, boiled peanuts, fishing licenses,candy bars, chewing tabacco, and anything possum related. They drop a possom every New years eve and I heard it is THE place to be if you live in Brasstown or thereabouts! I said to Clay, "this is quite the place and fun to come and visit." He said "wanna buy it?"

John C.Campbell is in Beautiful Brasstown North Carolina as is Clay's Corner. So, Sandi wanted me to explain the possum drop on New Year's Eve. I have not been there but people say that in the old days they would tie a rope to the possom and lower it. Then animal rights people said that was not nice so, they have a possom in a cage and as it gets closer to midnight, they lower the cage to the ground. I think it sounds more exciting that that million dollar thing they do in NY. The people who live here are fun, have common sense (no kidding), help their neighbors and are all around great. This would be a wonderful place to live.

Dancing is available in Brasstown too!

I have looked at this many times and I laugh everytime I see it.

I saw this last year and still think it is funny

The first ice chest I have seen like this one

The possom which is Clay's mascot and theme

I looked at these in the kettle and couldn't bring myself to try them

The view of the school property from Clay's corner

If you buy water from Clay's in the case, this is the water you get. There has to be a quilt story in there somehow


Sandi said...

Okay Mary Lou,

you have to explain the possum drop, I'm imagining it something like the ball in Time Square in New York but possum shaped?

Looks like a lovely place to visit even in the middle of winter.

Sandi in sunny but cooler New Westminster B.C.

Maree in NC :-) said...

Oh, my goodness! Can't believe I've lived right here in NC all of my life and I've never even heard of Clay's Corner! :-P LOL

Hope that I can join y'all at John C. Campbell some day! Looks like everyone had a great time and I love the Hoity Toity houses!

Anonymous said...

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