Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So, I was out getting the car or checking out or something and I come into the lobby and here is Kathy with these cute and very polite kids. They are brothers and sisters and cousins (just like my little Grandkids who all play together weekly.) They were at the hotel for a swim birthday party for one of the little girls. The older brother did not want in the photo,he was at that age, you know. I remember that. Kids are so sweet because you say something nice to one and they all have something sweet to say so you will compliment them too. I felt like I was back home. This was one of the best parts of the trip. Look at Kathy, she is happy too. We are just kids in our minds.
And I want that little girls shoes on the left!

Above are out hosts while we were in Atlanta. We are all drinking Perrier and pretending we are in France (well not them but me). Kathy and Greg are attorneys and Kathy has done award winning quilts that are in books and catalgues. They are great fun!

Here is my friend Mary Ann Henderson. She owns the Red Hen quilt shop in Marietta and she is very talented. She has designed fabric forever and she has won many quilting awards. Plus, her shop is fabulous and BIG. I hope to teach there this fall if we can work it out.

Here we are together after she showed me her latest lines of fabric. YOU will LOVE them. They are vintage dogs and cats and so wonderful. She has a creative mind and I think we could get into alot of trouble together-the two "Mary's".

The quilt above was a prize winner and it is fabulous as you can see. It had like 4000 or more crystals on it and on the back (below). I could have studied that for an hour but the quilt shop was closed and they wanted me out of there. :0) It took three of them to drag me out and lock the door.

Above is another prize winning quilt of Mary Anne's. Pretty wonderful stuff- Note the crystal's on the bottom! Each one put on that separately

Pinks anyone???

Yellows and greens and teals and oh my!

Note the stripes on the right are from Benartex (my old Kray Kat designs)-pretty wonderful for great light giving fabrics-Hey! good news. I will have a new line out this Fall that is light giving plaids, my old dots (little with the squiggles), medium dots, tone on tone stuff that I used for face fabric for Uncle Sam and some other surprises. I can't wait to sew with the stuff. Since I am working on a new book, it should work in very very well!


Maree in NC :-) said...

That dragon is absolutely AMAZING!

WoolenSails said...

Children are so wonderful. With all of the trips this year, I bet you have lots of ideas for your new book, can't wait to hear about it.


Maree in NC :-) said...

Love all of those smiling faces!!! :~D