Friday, January 08, 2010


Well, for all of you who love Stevie Ray Vaughn, I got this photo with him (well his sculpture)-I dragged my poor friend Lois out in the cold and I do mean cold to get this photo-if you don't know his music, you should-he does the guitar better than anyone and can he sing!
By the way if I look heavier than ever, I have a silk underwear t-shirt on, a knit turtleneck sweater, a poly filled vest and a full coat-I at least am as warm as one can be in this COLD weather...I did wish I had a hat and gloves. I don't own either.

Here I am with the photo in front of the welcome sign-it was so cold and I made Lois get out of the warm car- thank you Lois!
Austin is a lovely, fun, colorful city of friendly people and it has some of the best places to eat I have ever been to. It would be a wonderful place for a nice vacation. ORANGE is the color for the school there and if you don't like orange, you might have trouble living there. I saw many beautiful outfits and jewelry out of turquoise and burnt orange (gorgeous)!
Austin prides itself on being a little weird and really it is weird in a positive and funky way. Good shopping, eating and visiting! Do go there to have fun if you are anywhere close!

Sorry this sign is so dark, I am not sure why. There are hundreds of t-shirts and signs with this logo. As you can see below, Austin is the capital of Texas- the only state where women wear their state on their ears, around their neck on on their blouses and shirts- what is with this???
The photo below is taken from me in Lois's car as we drive towards the State capital building. Austin is a beautiful city.

Austin builds their bridges to give the bats places to live and there are thousands and thousands of them that help with keeping the insect population and other things down. They won't say so, but I got it on strict authority that Batman does live there now that he is getting older. He likes the blonds that live there and are darlin' yellow roses.
Below is one of the bat symbols.

Lois took me into a shop that sold homemade tortillas. This sign was on the wall. I think they mean business. This brings me to my first regret. When I was in grade school my family lived next door to a family that had a Cheyenne Indian Mother (beautiful) and an Apache Father (handsome). I was always over there bugging them and they made me a beautiful dress that they put their own tribes symbols on and he made me a bead loom. I used to pray as little girl that God would turn me into any kind of Indian He wanted. I would look at my little mustard see necklace and believe and never happened. Then since we lived next door to the Catholic church I decided after seeing Audrey Hepburn, I wanted to be a Nun. Which was odd since I was a Presbyterian at the time. Then when I was in 9th grade, I was in a choir with a black girl named Gwen whose Dad was the minister for the Baptist church here. Well for about two years I wanted to be black and Baptist. Then she moved. After that, I pretty much was happy with what I was. Then I started noticing Mexican ladies and their skin when I was in New Mexico and I started eating food that was a little spicy. This week I had a beautiful girl named Maria in my class and she was Mexican-pretty skin, beautiful smile and she could say those Mexican names with that wonderful way they do. I could never pronounce them that way. Well, I know God isn';t going to turn me into a Mexican, but I am working on eating more chili's, beans, guacamole, salsa,tortillas and other wonderful foods that they were luckily raised with. Maria told me about Frida Kahlo house and the beautiful blue color it was. If you have not seen that movie, rent it. I bought it when it came out. It is a lesson on color for quilts and art for sure!! Anyway, I have a real appreciation for things that are different and I hope you do too. You don't have to take it to the level I did, just notice the beauty and difference of culture. Your art will grow and you might make some new friends....and you can share too!

The show and tell at the guild was fun. I wish I had gotten more photos. My second BIG regret was that I did not get photos of the 20 ladies in my workshop in Austin. We worked on story quilts and talk about great stories and wonderful borders! Such fun. I now am all inspired to do a Keep Austin Weird quilt. I need more time for the regional quilts I long to do.

The quilt above was made for the young daughter of a lady who was pregnant-very sweet!

I thought the quilt above was exceptionally pretty-would love this anywhere in my house.

I am a sucker for blues and thought this was very pretty. As usual this guild does many charity quilts-isn't it wonderful how many quilts are given away in love to others?

I thought the quilt above was a fun t-shirt quilt. It is a nice way to remember where you've been. Just got this link to the show and tell's. Isn't this a nice idea for your guild??? I loved this feature.
Stay tuned for some of the most wonderful ceramic ideas for quilts, colorful jewelry and other neat things in Austin! Hope you are beginning the year off well!


Anonymous said...

I love the Frida movie. What passion she had for what she did. I also own it and was lucky enough to have seen a traveling show in Reno Nevada with Frida and Diego paintings.

Susan Brubaker Knapp said...

Mary Lou,
Have you read the book Life of Pi? You talking about wanting to be Catholic and Baptist and Mexican and... reminded me of the beginning of that wonderful book.