Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Austin like many big cities has a city wide art project of guitars. There are fabulous guitars all over town and this is the only one I got a photo of---but it is a goody!

What normal person does not love jewelry? I told my family I would take bakelite anyday over diamonds. The colors can't be beat and I feel good wearing it. This is a jewelry (funky clothing store too) on Congress street.

Did you need a boa to match that quilting jacket???

Flamingo's are always something to smile and about when you see them. What fun!

How long do you thing this decal has been on this car? It is old and it is fun too. Double plus.

This man's art is all over town and I think his colors are great as well as what he can do with stencils. He has managed to get dimension etc., and I think it is well done. Tattoos scare me but this is quite nice on a building and they can paint over it when they tire of it.

After traveling in the South "our Lady of Guadlupe" grows on you and I have grown to love her just like others. I thought these colors were exceptional and would love to see this in a quilt....with lots of swarovski crystals. :0)

Closeup of the dimenstion and the artists signature....quite nice.

This is an old chair but a lovely lovely color.

If I could have gotten this home on a plane, I would have bought it. Lovely old colors and charm.

Who can make color better than God? NO ONE. These greens are fabulous!

Beautiful, natural walls of color.....I hear yogurt spread on brick etc. will do this...we'll see.

This was the brightest rose pink you can imagine- it was an overcast and cold day so it doesn't show the trueness of the color-it was wild and great!

I wish this was my wall at home, isn't this fun??? I think many of these earrings were mine in the 60's when my hair was down to my waste.

A beautiful doorway-very close to the color of my home's door.

I LOVE colorful bracelets and I bought an awesome bracelet of "Our Lady" to wear- watch for it when I come to your guild or you come to my retreat or at a conference I attend.

This whole wall was just yummy. Bracelets that simply made you giddy when you looked at them! I can't wait to go back someday.

All of my good friends know my most favorite color is cheddar. I wanted these chairs except I remember having these as a kid and when it was hot they burned your bum and when it was cold, it froze your bum. They are pretty to look at and that is about it.

We had the best lunch here of Tortilla soup (spicy) and BLT sandwiches. Great fun and lovely waitress's.

Stencil art for us to see in more color! I loved this one of all warm colors. So Austin!

I took photos of paintings at the airport that I thought were quite good.

Look at the great brush strokes below where they added all of those great colors- TOO wonderful to see and think about how many hues they added here. Look at those greens too!

These were along the side of the road by a nursery. At Christmas they have hats on and at other times they are themed by the day or the season. Pretty darn fun!

Flamingos are fun!
Visiting new places gives you a new sense of the world and it's people.
I highly suggest a visit to the Southwest and then do a story quilt about the whole thing-that is what I am doing.


WoolenSails said...

You definitely found a place to create from.
Lots of color and fun.


Sandi said...

Great pictures Mary Lou,

I've never seen blue flamingos before, what fun!

I love all the bracelet and earring colours, could be a costly place to visit.

I love Texas, I could become a "Winter Texan" without too much effort.

Sandi in New Westminster B.C.

SewAmy said...

gorgeous pictures. Like eye candy.


fantastic colors! and great shots! those red and blue flamingos are hilarious... love the guadalupe mary...

Maree in NC :-) said...

You find the "most bestest" and fun places when you travel, Mary Lou! :~D Austin surely does like a wonderful city to visit!