Saturday, January 09, 2010


Lois took me to a ceramic wall by a grocery store. This wall had dozens of blocks each done by someone from this neighborhood. The subjects ranged from Girl Scouts to Boy Scouts to business's old and new to home with their address's. There was a long blue wall that had all kinds of things and themes and little sayings (I included one about a dime in a shoe). Each block was different and each totally charming. It shows what a nice, close and caring neighborhood this is. This is the feeling you get about Austin....people care about one another and their community. In these times this is a charming and welcome feeling. Hence you go away feeling great thoughts about Austin. It reminds me of both Lincoln Neb and Grand Rapids Michigan. These are all places people should visit.

Isn't this cute how they included this little girl in front of her house? Wonder how old she is now.

I thought this church was really portrayed in an interesting way-almost Van Gogh!

Girls Rock! Austin is sure to be raising nice citizens for their community. I love this block!

Note the noses on these figures, they are not flat -isn't this wonderful?
Hope you are taking time to notice the detail and interest in these

This is what I am always talking about in my classes. This girl should be holding this jar-knees and elbows need to be used to a picture-I am wondering if it is bugs, fireflies, fish, charms or what in there and by standing there she looks sad....I wonder what this story is? What is your guess?

Isn't this squirrel the cutest? Would have loved to have visited this park if it hadn't been so cold.

This made me smile big as I always wore penny loafers and also saddle shoes too

Wonderful color and charming....

This one may have been my favorite-I love anything that reminds me of the shows on Saturday mornings

Isn't this great? These figures are little and this could not have been easy!

Peoples name who participated ran across the middle of this whole ceramic quilt- wonderful!

Someone had talents as a juggler and possibly an artist too!

Lala's is a restaurant I hear.

A block showing a man's handshake- whatever happened to "a man's word is his bond?" Thos days seem to be gone and it saddens me- I think honestly and kindess are two virtues that a truly good person must possess (both men and women)

I hope you enjoyed these blocks as much as I did. I thought that the people who lived here created a lasting memory of them. This is what I always hope that people will do that quilt or paint or hook rugs. Create a memory of you and who and what you love. If you wonder how, buy my new book (Out of the Box) and it will tell you how. This is not a commercial, this is a heartfelt hope that you will tell the world about YOU.


Em said...

Incredible, doesn't it make you want to turn into a quilt. Love all the crosses and churches. What a wonderful trip for you I hope! Thanks for sharing, never been there. Em

WoolenSails said...

I love those tiles and can imagine it as a quilt.
It looks like you had another wonderful trip.
Still trying to decide what my, me quilt, will be;)
That was fast, just as I wrote that, a memory came into my head, lol. A vision of my dad and me, fishing on the lake in maine, just popped into my head.


Sharon S said...

Great pictures. Very inspiring! Great ideas for getting me out of the "cookie cutter" quilt mode!