Saturday, January 26, 2008

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

This darling cookie jar is my favorite for today that is. The little poodle dances on a spring when you go to get a cookie. I love the whimsy, the color and the fun of the whole thing. TeeHee.

When I was in France I went to a place I know how to say but could not begin to spell. I adore France and the people who live there. I never met a Frenchman (or girl) I did not like nor a New Yorker. They get a bad rap which is sad because they have delightful senses of humor!

Anyway, I bought this red enamelware set at a flea market in France and I fill it with fun things at Christmas and if I have time will have Valentines coming out this weekend.

The plate below it belonged to my Mother (from Canada) and is one of my most treasured items.

Now I can look at it each day.

We just had a family birthday party and I am sitting between my daughter in law and my daughter and my Granddaughter is in pink. I love being with them.

These pillows are from one of my patterns (available on my website) and a fabricline I did called Cherry Jubilee). They are in a chair I love and no one sits there because it is simple a fun thing to look at...haha.

The chef above is from Bavaria. I rushed off a tour bus and ran down the street because we only had a potty break. I wanted an Oberammagau wooden doll (King Ludwig) and thankfully, I found a shop that had one. I also bought this darling chef because I knew I could use him as a nice reminder of a lovely trip (in my kitchen). he is cute when he hangs as he is supposed to do but for now this is fine.

This silly chicken came from the Folk Art Museum in San Antonio. It was the only thing I could afford...and even he was expensive...but worth it as he makes me laugh.

The little people above were picked up here and there and they are my "cupcake buddies." There is nothing more fun and maybe creative as making cupcakes and giving one to someone with one of these funny little figures on it. It makes an ordinary day become special and isn't this what we all need?

I have lots more treasures and new quilt things and creative things to share, I do hope you will visit again.
Hint: I got a couple of neat things in the mail to show you soon....


Sandi said...

Great whimsical collection Mary Lou, isn't travelling a great way to build collections and remember the trips.

I love to rotate items with the seasons and special holidays to change the look of my home through the year.

Today I found a great lime green Christmas tree that is only 24" high and has lights on it! Ready to be packed away for next year.

The fun of post holiday shopping!
Sandi in New Westminster B.C.

Anonymous said...

Mary Lou, your kitchen is beautiful and cheery. I love your favorite things, such fun to look at and enjoy while cooking! The remodeling sure looks like it was worth waiting for. Your windows are great for gazing at your garden. Joy in OR

SusanJo said...

Hi Mary Lou,

I stopped by for a bit of sunshine, I can always depend on your blog to have bright colors. My sewing room is in the basement but I am surrounded with bright colors (even a hoochy mama quilt) so it is never deary in my room. I should let you know that in honor of the hoochy mama quilts I named our new calico kitty 'Solana Mama'

SusanJo (Lake Forest Park WA)

Tina said...

Love the Red. My kitchen is green, but I have a red phone from Pottery Barn that I bought a few years back. I had to have that red phone! Your kitchen looks so crisp and clean. It looks GGGREAT! Have a good week. -Hugs, Tina

Carol said...

Mary Lou,
What a fun group of pictures today! It might be old, but I'll have you know that just before Christmas I bought some of that very Cherries Jubilee fabric, black background with red cherries, in flannel - so it is still out there and it was a brand new bolt at my LQS. I washed it first and plan to make myself a cozy winter nightgown. Like most things I plan for myself, it is still on my 'to-do' table. I sure would have appreciated it last night - brrrrr!